Pregnancy diary: week 20

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Already 20 weeks, the half of the pregnancy!! Can any one slow down the time, because I’m getting the feeling that I will wake up tomorrow and I’ll be in the hospital with our baby…... Read More

Pregnancy diary: week 18

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As we say in Spanish “en un abrir y cerrar de ojos” (= in a blink of an eye) it’s already week 18, almost the half of the pregnancy!  Can any one slow down the time, please?? Maybe... Read More

Coming soon

It has been quiet on our side for a while and there’s a good reason for it. We are having a new crew member!! Or in other words, I’m pregnant 🙂 I had the same when I was pregnant of... Read More

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!! Even though in The Netherlands celebrating Halloween is a recent (not yet so extended) tradition, we have had a fun evening preparing our pumpkin. For us Halloween brings a lot of ... Read More

Hollandse Nieuwe

My sister and brother in law are visiting us and we are doing some “Dutch stuff” like eating Hollandse Nieuwe. Have you ever tried Hollandse Nieuwe? What do you tipically eat in your home ... Read More