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Pregnancy diary: week 20

Already 20 weeks, the half of the pregnancy!! Can any one slow down the time, because I’m getting the feeling that┬áI will wake up tomorrow and I’ll be in the hospital with our baby…

pregnancy diary-week 20


Yesterday we had also another milestone: the 20 weeks ultrasound, everything looks normal! Well, I had to walk for 30 min and come back for a second ultrasound because we couldn’t see your back very well and also it wasn’t possible to see your gender. But in the second try we saw it, and we know YOU’RE A …..!!

Sorry this announcement will have to wait for a week, so we can tell our families first ­čśŤ But you can see our little one was having fun, first thing we saw was him pointing with a finger. Even the ┬áperson doing the ultrasound had to laugh. She found it so funny that she even printed the picture for us (all the others were saved in a USB).

What would you think the baby was trying to say?


  • Rhonda Albom

    So cool, I can see the finger. I am glad to hear you seem to be enjoying the pregnancy. By 20 weeks, I am sure I was ready for time to move a bit faster. Looking forward to the big announcement next week.

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