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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!! Even though in The Netherlands celebrating Halloween is a recent (not yet so extended) tradition, we have had a fun evening preparing our pumpkin.

Cozy Coupe Liam

For us Halloween brings a lot of memories as last year I was 35 week pregnant and as I realized I won’t reach the 38 weeks (40 weeks was already discarded after being in hospital), we decided to have a last minute maternity shoot with a Halloween theme 🙂

4 nov. 2013 (13)

I should have had the shoot after my birthday, but if you didn’t know, Liam was born 6th November (36 weeks), which is actually my birthday. I guess I should have this year two pieces of cake as last year I didn’t have any 😉 4 nov. 2013 (44)What are your plans for Halloween?


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  • Rhonda Albom

    We almost have the same birthday. Mine is 5 November. Happy almost birthday to Liam and you. Love the pumpkins. 🙂

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