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It has been quiet on our side for a while and there’s a good reason for it. We are having a new crew member!! Or in other words, I’m pregnant 🙂 I had the same when I was pregnant of Liam, I’m very lucky I don’t need to spend the mornings hugging the toilet (no morning sickness at all, yuhu!!), but when the sun goes down, I’m so tired that I cannot even move my eyelashes. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating, but normally I write after I put Liam to bed and the in the first trimester I had no energy left. Now, after 16 weeks I’m getting some energy back and I’ll start writing again.

coming soon

Summarizing our last trips, beginning of August we drove to Taillores in Lake Annecy, France (1.130km) for the wedding of friends. Well, we added a week to explore the Lake and drive back through Germany, where we also spent two days in Europa Park (the largest amusement park in Germany).  My youngest sister spent five weeks with us and we were doing a lot of sightseeing in The Netherlands with her.

At the end of August, we flew to Madrid for the wedding of our other sister. I took this opportunity to tell the news to my family in person. Well, I didn’t say a word, I preferred to prepare a t-shirt with the text “hijo unico, expira marzo 2016” (only child, expiring March 2016) for Liam. My sister was the one to realize the meaning of the t-shirt.

pregnancy announcement- only child

Back in The Netherlands we had the “visserijdagen” (fisher’s days) in Harlingen and we just spent last weekend in Texel, one of the islands of the Wadden Sea. So as you can read, the pregnancy wasn’t the only thing that kept me busy and for the upcoming months, I have planed two trips to Madrid (one just before he is turning two, for the last time flying as an infant), our yearly visit to Dusseldorf’s Xmas market and the second press trip to Lauwersmeer. And now it’s time to go to sleep 🙂

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  • Samiya selim

    Congratulations!! Exciting time’s ahead 🙂 look forward to following your journeys, soon to be family of four!

    • shere

      Thanks Samiya! We were planning a trip to Chile next year, but I think that will have to wait one year. I’m already thinking about how I will manage travelling with two children on my own 🙂

  • Rhonda Albom

    Big Congratulations! Love the shirts, both yours and Liam’s. Sleep well my friend, and I am glad you have no morning sickness.

    • shere

      Thanks Rhonda! I even had a third tshirt: the text was “tia²” (=aunt²) for my youngest sister, as she was with us in teh summer and she already knew.

  • Marcella

    Toen je mailde dat je over een tijdje goed nieuws te vertellen had, dacht ik al aan een tweede kindje. En ja, je bent zwanger! Wat een leuke tekst om het zo aan je familie te vertellen! Gefeliciteerd met je zwangerschap, we hebben nóg wat extra’s te vieren tijdens de persreis 😉

    • shere

      Bedankt Marcella!! Mijn familie was ook erg blij, deze word ook de tweede kindje in de familie, dus altijd extra spannend. Ik zie je over een paar weekjes! Ik heb al zin in 🙂

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