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We are Shere and Paul, a Spanish-Dutch couple who combine a full-time job with a full-time passion for travelling. Since we extended the crew with a little one in November 2013, our aim is to keep travelling and inspire others families to do it as well. 

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Shere is madrileña and for more than 10 years an expat, first in Germany and later in The Netherlands. Bachelor of Law and Business Management, business intelligence consultant as profession and traveler by vocation. She has spent many years living and traveling with only hand luggage. She loves photography, oenology and sailing.

Paul is Dutch, he was also an expat for many years in Germany, where he met Shere and persuaded her to move to The Netherlands. Port engineer, who can’t live without boats. Despite working in logistics, he leaves the trips organization to Shere. He enjoys good food and nature.

Liam is the little one of the house and came with a passport under his arm. He boarded a plane with only seven weeks and embarked on his first transcontinental trip with 10 months. He likes to discover the world from the baby carrier . He loves animals and cars, as well as the camera.

noppies 1As a couple we have visited 38 countries, from as far as New Zealand and Australia, to as near as our own city. As family we have been to 9 countries, of which two have been a transcontinental trip. In the blog we share practical information to travel with kids, itineraries, activities, costs and advice on how to “confront” traveling with a baby/toddler.


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  • Stephanie

    Hi Shere,
    I’m a Canadian living in the Netherlands and am also marrying a Dutch guy named Paul in 2015. I love your Boarding Pass invitations and would love to get the template. I signed up for the newsletter so hopefully it comes through soon but I’d also like to know where you got the heart and airplane stamp.

  • samiya selim

    Hi Sherey, I just nominated you for the Premio Dardos Award in recognition for your cultural, ethical, literary and personal in your writing..I love reading about your travels with your baby, reminds me of Ashique and I back when our ones were little 🙂

  • Vanessa Smulders

    Dear Shere and Paul,

    A few days ago I contacted you with regard to an image of the Vondelpark that we discovered on your blog and that we would like to use in a guest directory for our hotel guests. In this directory we give general hotel information but also tips on what to do in Amsterdam and the Vondelpark is obviously one of the must visits.
    We will of course mention your blog if we can publish this photo!

    Hope to hear from you soon as we need to go to print with this directory.

    Many thanks!

    Vanessa Smulders
    City ID Group
    Marketing & Communication Manager

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