Pregnancy diary: week 38

It has been a while since the last update, but as the weeks were passing I’m getting more tired and also more worried. With Liam I started having issues with my blood pressure around week 33 and he was born at 36 weeks. So you can imagine I was getting very anxious about those weeks. The good news is that we have already reached 38 weeks!!! The secret to keep healthy this time: lots of sleep, twice a week yoga (now just once), healthy food, extra vitamines (I feel like an old lady when I see all the tablets I have to take in a day) and acupuncture.

week 38 3
Reading a book just before taking a nap

I started my maternity leave four weeks ago and I know I really needed it! Liam started preschool also at the same time, so he is going 3 hours twice a week to play with children and the rest of the week he is at home. We bake cookies, play with clay, read books, go for a walk, feed the ducks, take our daily nap and of course take pictures from time to time 🙂

week 38

Further I’m looking forward to welcoming this baby, but it seems he is not in a hurry. I was thinking of starting a bet to guess the birth date as he is approaching two special dates: 29th of February (the poor boy would only have a proper birthday each 4 years) and 2nd of March, which it’s also Paul’s birthday. We would have four birthdays in two dates (Liam was born on my birthday). Would that be special?week 38 2

Anyhow I will be happy of

  • being able to tying my shoes without using the yoga tree pose
  • climbing stairs and not getting out of breath
  • not needing to find a toilet every half an hour
  • eating sushi and drinking a glass of wine

But I will miss

  • the kicking
  • having a reason to eat chocolate whenever I feel like it
  • going shopping because you don’t fit in your cloths without feeling guilty
  • showing a big belly with pride (I just realized I have a huge belly when I put the two pictures below together)
From 18 to 35 weeks
From 18 to 35 weeks

Let’s see for how long we need to wait to show our little one. Which date do you think he will be born (due date is 8th March)?


  • Jenny -

    I was wondering already when the baby’s due. So almost.

    29th of February would be funny. You have a good reason to have a big party every four years, and and the boy doesn’t need to grow up for 4×18 years, which is about his pension 😉

    Good luck the last couple of days/weeks.

    • shere

      thanks Jenny!! I don’t know if he will like to have a real birthday each 4 years, but indeed the party then would be huge 🙂

  • Rhonda Albom

    Did you want us to guess the date? My guess is 2 March for Paul’s birthday. Glad you checked in with us, and that you made it 38 weeks and are still feeling healthy. Wishing you a quick and easy delivery.

  • Elbo

    You’re belly getting bigger??
    Oh, I only thought that your breasts seemed smaller than usual … 😉
    Good luck Shere !!!
    (I am pretty sure that your baby will be born tomorrow evening at 21.25h, by the way)
    Greetings from the Loois-Lacroix :)))

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