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Pregnancy diary: week 18

As we say in Spanish “en un abrir y cerrar de ojos” (= in a blink of an eye) it’s already week 18, almost the half of the pregnancy!  Can any one slow down the time, please?? Maybe the fact that I realized I was pregnant at 8 weeks, well I went to the first ultrasound thinking I was then 8 weeks, but I was already 10 weeks, in just a couple of minutes two weeks went by!! Then you need a couple of weeks to “get used” to the idea of having another child, by that time your belly is starting growing and you think “may be it’s time to tell everyone”. By then I was already 16 weeks!!

The time goes so fast that I just made the appointment for the 20 weeks ultrasound last week. That´s also one of the difference between the first and the second pregnancy. With Liam I made all the appointments right away and I was reading a week by week book about pregnancy. Now I put it on the to do list and forget about it 🙁 Well I won’t forget the appointment itself, because it’s already next week!

pregnancy diary: week 18
pregnancy diary: week 18

Last week a totally stranger said to Liam “oh, your are going to have a brother or sister, aren’t you?”. At that moment I realized that in just few weeks my belly has grown quite a lot or maybe it’s just that I don’t hide it anymore with oversized shirts 😛

In any case it’s time to show off the belly. The advantage of being pregnant is that you no matter how big your belly is everyone tells you you look gorgeous!


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