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Review Liliputi babywearing mama coat

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daily walk with a toddler and a baby in the Liliputi babywearing mama coat

Just two weeks before Mika was born, I bought a Liliputi babywearing mama coat. I realized that during the winter I tend to carry Liam less and that the reason for it is that I just hate to put the winter jackets on and then wrap him. Even with our carrier it’s more complicated.

And there’s also a second problem: the temperature differences. Outside it’s cold, but as soon as you go into a shop, the train or the bus it’s warm. If you want to take out your jackets, you need to unwrap your child and as soon as you go outside you need to wrap him again. Just too much work for me!!

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Well, now with a baby and a toddler I’m even more lazy 😉 That’s why I looked for a babywearing coat. The Liliputi babywearing mama coat seems like a regular jacket, but it has a zipper on the back and it comes with an insert. This insert can be attached at the front or at the back of the jacket, so you can wear it while front or back carrying your child.

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As the insert has three parts where you can adjust it to your body/baby, I was also able to use it during the last weeks of my pregnancy (there’s a special pregnancy insert, but it was sold out). As soon as Mika was born, we have used our coat everyday, it has been our life saver in the (not to believe) very cold April days. The coat is warm and if I close it completely, the little one is also protected from the wind. Perfect!!

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As l ‘m having issues with my hips, I  haven’t been able to carry Liam. Nevertheless I put him in the carrier on my back to try it. The first time you put the jacket on (with a child on your back) is a bit of trial and error (I have to say that Liam didn’t want to be carried and was moving so he made it difficult).

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In summary, we love the coat and use it every day. I normally have Mika in the wrap and if we want to go outside, I just put the Liliputi babywearing mama coat on and go. I love the fact that your child remains in the wrap and you can open or close the zipper to regulate the temperature. You have also a zipper under your armpit to help you put the jacket on when your child is on the back, but I also open it when it’s warm. I have to say that this jacket is already one of our must bring items and it will come in our trip to Norway.

If you’re planning to buy a coat, you can take advantage of the sale on liliputi’s website.

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Disclaimer: we received a discount on the purchase of the jacket, however opinions are my own.

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  • eileen g

    I was always so hot when i was carrying a baby, even in winter. Putting on my biggest winter coat and leaving it open or wrapping it around us was enough. But I can see the advantage of this coat, especially on rely cold days.

    glad it worlds for ou.

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