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AtoZ of Friesland with kids: playing with water at de Kruidhof

The playground from de Kruidhof is so far our favorite one in Friesland, therefore the W of the AtoZ of Friesland with kids: playing with water at de Kruidhof.

de kruidhof playgroung 3
Friesland with kids: playing with water at de Kruidhof

It isn’t a secret that all toddlers love to play with water and mud, and Liam isn’t an exception. When we were there for the first time it was already autumn and it wasn’t so warm anymore (either so cold), but that wasn’t a problem to play with the water.

de kruidhof playgroung 2
Friesland with kids: playing with water at de Kruidhof

I didn’t know there was such a water playground and I didn’t have any other cloths for him, so we were taking care than Liam wasn’t getting wet. There were some parts too deep for his rain boots and at the end his feet were wet (we took out the socks once in the car, problem solved!!), but he really enjoyed it!de kruidhof playgroung

Besides the water playground, there’s another one with lots of sand and different discovering paths.

de kruidhof playgroung 5

De Kruidhof also organizes activities for children and for adults (check their agenda). In our wish list, we have pending to try the sunday brunch. Last year we were there for the harvesting party and it really worth it!

de kruidhof playgroung 6
Friesland with kids: eating a pie at de Kruidhof

The little ones could carve their own pumpkin, pick some flowers and make their own bouquet, eat healthy pies and admire all kinds of apples. The funny part of that day was that in the newspaper they wrote “bring a brunch from your apple tree and we can teel you which kind of apple is it”, so I took a brunch from our mini apple tree and the specialist looked at my brunch and said “you were supposed to bring an appel!”, ha,ha,ha. Sure!! I was wondering how you could distinguish one apple tree from another just by looking at the leaves. I hope to get this year more than one apple, so I can bring it 🙂

de kruidhof playgroung 4
Friesland with kids: harvesting party at de Kruidhof

De kruidhof is a bonatical garden, where you can also buy plants. It’s locates in Buitenpost and the entry costs 4,5€ for adults and 2€ for children between 5 and 12 years old.

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