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The perfect gift for travelers

It’s almost Christmas and if you haven’t bought all presents, here you have some ideas for the perfect gift for travellers!! All presents I’m presenting in this list are below 20€, so also very affordable. If you click in the images, you will go to the page where you can buy these presents.

1 – Creative Travelogue Journal Scratch Map

I haven’t meet any traveler that don’t count the number of countries he has visited. These scratch maps would be the perfect present to keep track of the visited countries in a very creative way.

Creative Travelogue Journal Scratch Map
Creative Travelogue Journal Scratch Map

2- Organizer Storage Bags

I love packaging in storage bags. It keeps your luggage organized and also avoids the risk of things getting dirty (I always pack the shoes in a different bag than my clothes).

Organizer Storage Bags
Organizer Storage Bags

3 – Hand Scroll Vacuum Compression Storage Bags

These bags are a complement for the previous ones. If you want to travel light, you can buy 5 bags and pack in each two or thress shirts and one pant. In this way you have withing 5 small bags the cloths for at least three or more weeks (yes!! sometimes you don’t need to/ can’t change your shirt daily 😛 ).

Portable Hand Scroll Vacuum Compression Storage Bags

4 – Leather Passport Holder

I Love London Pattern PU Leather Passport Holder

5 – Personalized luggage tags

Actually these luggage tags were the present we gave to the guest of our wedding. It’s a very inexpensive present and if you personalized them like we did, it’s a very nice gift.

personalized luggage tags
personalized luggage tags

Have you already bought all Xmas present? What is in your view the perfect gift for travelers?


  • Anda

    The scratch map seems brilliant. If I had one I’d probably be tempted to keep track of the countries I visited. Believe it or not, I’ve ben traveling intensely for 27 years, but never ever thought of counting the countries I visited. Thanks for joining #TheWeeklyPostcard, Shere. Hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season.

  • Michele {Malaysian Meanders}

    Great list. We gave my girl a scratch map last year, and she loves it. There’s some debate in the family over whether you can scratch off a country if all we did was a layover. I’d really like to get some more of those Organizer Storage Bags.

  • Linda Bibb

    I have been looking at the scratch map for a while now. It’s a fun way to keep track of where we’ve been, but I’d have to keep it away from practical jokers.

    Thanks for linking to #TheWeeklyPostcard.

  • Packing my Suitcase

    That’s awesome! I have almost all of them, I need that first one 😀 what a great idea!

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