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The perfect gift for travelers

It’s almost Christmas and if you hven’t bought all presents, here you have some ideas for the perfect gift for travellers!!  I buy a lot at DX.com as they offer very good prices and a good service: once my package was returned by the post office and got lost some where. After contacting them, they sent me a new package a no cost!! All presents I’m presenting in this list are below 20€, so also very affordable. If you click in the images, you will go to the page where you can buy these presents.

1 – Creative Travelogue Journal Scratch Map

I haven’t meet any traveler that don’t count the number of countries he has visited. These scratch maps would be the perfect present to keep track of the visited countries in a very creative way.

Creative Travelogue Journal Scratch Map
Creative Travelogue Journal Scratch Map

2- Organizer Storage Bags

I love packaging in storage bags. It keeps your luggage organized and also avoids the risk of things getting dirty (I always pack the shoes in a different bag than my clothes).

Organizer Storage Bags
Organizer Storage Bags

3 – Hand Scroll Vacuum Compression Storage Bags

These bags are a complement for the previous ones. If you want to travel light, you can buy 5 bags and pack in each two or thress shirts and one pant. In this way you have withing 5 small bags the cloths for at least three or more weeks (yes!! sometimes you don’t need to/ can’t change your shirt daily 😛 ).

Portable Hand Scroll Vacuum Compression Storage Bags

4 – Leather Passport Holder


I Love London Pattern PU Leather Passport Holder

5 – Personalized luggage tags

Actually these luggage tags were the present we gave to the guest of our wedding. It’s a very inexpensive present and if you personalized them like we did, it’s a very nice gift.

personalized luggage tags
personalized luggage tags


Have you already bought all Xmas present? What is in your view the perfect gift for travelers?



  • Anda

    The scratch map seems brilliant. If I had one I’d probably be tempted to keep track of the countries I visited. Believe it or not, I’ve ben traveling intensely for 27 years, but never ever thought of counting the countries I visited. Thanks for joining #TheWeeklyPostcard, Shere. Hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season.

  • Michele {Malaysian Meanders}

    Great list. We gave my girl a scratch map last year, and she loves it. There’s some debate in the family over whether you can scratch off a country if all we did was a layover. I’d really like to get some more of those Organizer Storage Bags.

  • Linda Bibb

    I have been looking at the scratch map for a while now. It’s a fun way to keep track of where we’ve been, but I’d have to keep it away from practical jokers.

    Thanks for linking to #TheWeeklyPostcard.

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