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Adiós April and travel plans for May and June

Since the birth of Mika, the time is flying even faster than before. Yesterday he was already 2 months old!! That would also mean that I have to come back to work next week, but I’ve taken holidays and an unpaid leave to stay home until August, yuhu!!

8 weeks

Well, stay home doesn’t mean be always at home but taking some trips, doing things with the children and flying to Madrid.The past two weekends we’ve visited two attractions parks: Sprookjeswonderland in Enkhuizen and Nienoordin Leek. The review will come, but both are really fun for toddlers!!


Last month I also flew for the first time alone with Liam and Mika to Madrid. If you follow us on facebook then you already know that we had 3 hours delay on the way to Madrid!! Not the way I had planned it but “no hay mal que por bien no venga” (all negative things have a positive side) and we are flying tomorrow again to Madrid as we got two 350€ vouchers in compensation for the delay 🙂 Our plan is to spend a couple of days in Madrid and a long weekend at the beach with friends, all of them with children, so Liam will have friends to play with.

travelling alone

We still have some plans for spending a weekend trip before we board on our next adventure: a three weeks camper trip trough Norway!! After looking at five different campers, we have just booked one. It wasn´t an easy task to find one available and in good shape.

Liam inspecting an old camper
Liam inspecting an old camper

At the end we found one by the word of mouth. I´m happy we found it but it took so long that the ferry we wanted to book (Hirtshals – Bergen) is already sold out. I didn’t expect it as June is not yet school holidays, but it seems the route is very popular. Next we need to rethink our route and decide whether we want to cross to Kristiansand or Langesund. If we want to drive all the way to Voss or to drive to Stavanger and take the ferry to Bergen.

Norway by camper
Our initial route

Have you been to Norway?  Have you got any suggestions?


  • Yvonne

    Such a good choice to stay home until August. I can’t believe the mums who say they are looking forward to start working again when their baby is 10 weeks. Both times I really had to make myself go with 16 and 18 weeks old babies. You’re a really brave mum flying to Madrid by yourself with a toddler and a baby. Well done and the vouchers are definately deserved. 🙂 Njoy your 2nd trip!

    • shere

      Yes, I can’t believe either that some mums are happy to go back to work 🙁 I regret leaving Germany because of the maternity leave, you can stay at home one or two years with a reduced salary.

  • Rhonda

    We went to Norway via cruise ship. I like your route much better (way more inclusive than the several ports from a cruise).

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