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OnTheRoad: Whangarei

Yesterday we had a busy day. After a 28 hours trip we didn’t rest, we picked up our campervan coco and drove north. When I booked the campervan I forgot the time difference and I thought we would be landing the 13th. Yes, we landed the 13th at 20:00 CET, but on 14th at 8:00 NZ time. That was the reason why we picked up the campervan the same day we arrived.

The first day you arrive in a new country there are many things you need to arrange like looking for a supermarket or getting a prepaid sim. When you also get a car or campervan you will also need to get used to drive it, to find the way to arrange all your luggage and more important to know where you are heading to.

We got almost everything from jucy, even the names of the different supermarkets and a voucher for a free burger. We just decided to hit the road and find a supermarket on the way to Whangarei.

The ride to Whangarei is not long, around 2 hours, but because of the long trip we were quite tired and the first thing we did was to find a camping. We stayed just next to the falls and went for walk around them.


The weather was awesome! 25° and mostly sunny, so we cannot complaint. There were also children jumping into the water and we were tempted to do so too, but we were told the water was not really clean and in our camping we had swimming pool and hot tub.


After the hot tub and a good dinner we went to sleep at around 20:00. We were so tired by then! This morning we went to the town basin before leaving for bay of islands. The basin is nice, but the rest of the town is not that interesting.


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