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AtoZ: F is for Fowler’s Oysters

Last year in New Zealand, we drove to Bluff in the South of the South Island and there one of the most famous things is the Fowler’s Oyster.

Fowler's Oysters
Fowler’s Oysters

We stopped at a place which was filled with truckers (that’s always a good sign for good food). There you could buy cooked oysters in plastic buckets.


We were almost about to buy a bucket, but then we thought “how are we going to eat/cook them?”. That’s why we decided to just have a try of the oysters and chips.


 They were tasty, but also a bit oily.


This was the second time we ate oysters, the first time was at Librijer’s atelier.


Even thought this time they were cooked, we are still not such a great fan of oysters.

Paul trying Fowler's Oysters
Paul trying Fowler’s Oysters

In New Zealand we also have breakfast at the Farmers’ market in Kerikeri, we ate mussels at Cowshed Bay and tried whitebait.


  • N J Magas

    A couple weeks ago we were invited in a big group to an oyster bar in Mie Prefecture. Mie is very famous in Japan for its oysters, so I figured it would be a good experience, even though I don’t like shellfish that much. I did eat too many because I didn’t really like the taste, but it was fun.

    The following week, everyone who went to the bar had a range of stomach problems from vomitting to diareah. I’m glad I didn’t eat too many–my symptoms were comparitively small–but I don’t think I’ll be eating oysters any time soon.

    Still those oysters and chips look really good.

  • Rhonda Albom

    Despite the fact that I live in New Zealand, and have been to Bluff and Kerikeri, I haven’t had either of these fried “treats”

    • shere

      When you have limited time in a place, you try to do and see as much as you can. There’re so many things I haven’t visited/done yet in The Netherlands!!!

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