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Harlingen’s singular buildings to sleep in

In Harlingen we don’t have big buildings, but we do have many singular ones. Well, they are singular for anyone who is not Dutch and it’s not used to seeing the typical canal warehouse, with large windows and a pulley at the top for unloading ships and store them in the warehouse through the windows. In Harlingen there are several of these buildings and one I like a lot is “De Hamer” dating from the 18th century and considered as a monument.

De Hamer Pakhuis
De Hamer Pakhuis

Harlingen offers to anyone who is willing to “scratch his pocket” two top end accommodation options, both original and exclusive: the first option is the lighthouse. Yes, the lighthouse is the most expensive accommodation here, nothing more nor less than 319€/night and belive it or not for 2013 is almost fully booked (just July 15th is available)!


The other accommodation available for also the “modest” price of 319€/night is the crane in the harbor. If I had to pick one, I’d take the lighthouse which I think it’s very romantic. Paul for sure would choose the crane 🙂


You might be wondering why they are so expensive. One word: exclusivity. Not only they are meant for just one couple per night, but also because both are high enough to offer panoramic views of the city and the sea. More or less I know the views because I have been on the other crane (which is higher and in use to load and unload ships). I could not resist to mention that Paul would choose the crane to sleep because occasionally he also drives the other crane and the proof is this picture. 


One day I have to ask if I can go inside to take some pictures, so we can also judge whether it is worth it 🙂 What is the maximum you spent for a night of accommodation? Have you ever sleep somewhere different? 

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