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Where to pick blackberries in Friesland

I grew up spending the summer camping in the mountains with family and friends. We spent our holidays swimming in ice cold water of the river (we swam until our lips get purple) and picking wild blackberries. That’s why every time I see wild blackberries, I remember those days. In fact, my mother was in The Netherlands this summer and we were eating some wild blackberries we had found. We didn’t know at that point that in The Netherlands it’s prohibited to pick wild blackberries. The reason is that the birds shouldn’t  have enough food otherwise. Our kids also enjoying picking berries and fruit from our own garden and therefore we also go to a “pluktuin” (a farm where you can pick fruit or vegetables). Here it’s a collection of places where you will be able (and allowed) to pick blackberries in Friesland.

Fruithof de struikrover

I already wrote about fruithof de struikrover. We visited it for the first time two years ago, when my grandfather came to the Netherlands. Grandpa also loves to pick fruit or anything growing in the wild. We went with him to the “harvest party” and it was a success! Grandpa and Liam walked everywhere picking (and eating) blueberries and blackberries.

Bramen plukken in Friesland
Where to pick blackberries in Friesland

This year, my mother came two weeks to visit us and we went again to de Fruithof de Struikrover. This time, we have two small “struikrovers” (=bush robbers) with us. Both of them enjoyed carrying around their little fruit tray and filling it with self-picked fruits!! OK, sometimes some of the berries landed into their mouth, but that’s not an issue here 🙂

Where to pick blackberries in Friesland: fruithof de struikrover
Where to pick blackberries in Friesland: fruithof de struikrover

Upcoming Saturday 26th Augusts, there is a blackberry festival at the Fruithof de Struikrover. They have now lots of ripe blackberries and you can also try fruithof de Struikrover’s self-made products. During this festival, they will be also pancakes, drinks and some music. The perfect combination for a day trip with the kids.

Where to pick blackberries in Friesland
Where to pick blackberries in Friesland
Fruithof de struikrover: hoofdweg 193, Oldeholtpade

De Hagen

De Hagen is located in Haulerwijk (near Bakkeveen) and is an ecological orchard. They have walnuts, tomatoes, hazelnuts, sloths, elder, butterflies, blackberries and more. We haven’t been here yet, but it will be part of our visit to #defriesewouden17 tomorrow.

Bloemenparadyske during Brommels festival

Last year, we did the food walk from Buitenpost, a walk with several stops where you get something to drink or eat. One of the stops was het bloemenparadyske. Here, we had first a tour of this beautiful farmhouse and we were invited to pick some apples. We then made our own apple juice. Basically, you need to cut the apples into small pieces and then press them to get the juice out. It was very fun and educational!

Self-pressed apple juice

Upcoming weekend 26 & 27 Augustus, you can pick blackberries for free at Bloemenparadyske. They are part of the Brommels festival and will have cake and face painting for the children.

Where to pick blackberries in Friesland:
Where to pick blackberries in Friesland: Bloemenparadyske

Bloemenparadyske: Paradyske 3, 9291 MV Kollum

Brommels festival

I just mentioned this upcoming weekend is brommels festijn. During the weekend, there are many farms, parks and public spots in the Frisian region De Friese Wouden where you can pick blackberries for free. Additionally, there are a lot of activities for the little ones and some restaurants have a special blackberry menu. If you love blackberries, this is the place to be this weekend 🙂

Fotograaf Marcel van Kammen

We are on a press trip this weekend in this region. You can watch our trip via instagram stories 🙂

Vink Fruitboerderij

Vink Fruitboerderij has a special garden where you can pick your own fruit. They have all kind of appels, like Elstar, Jonagold, Goudreinet, Robijn, Delcorf, Red Prince, Golden Delicious, Karmijn and Roblos, but also peers and blackberries. They are open during the harvest season (end Augusts until half October)

Gepostet von Vink Fruitboerderij am Freitag, 18. August 2017

Vink Fruitboerderij: Zuiderringweg 13 II, 8317 RA Kraggenburg

Do you love to eat blackberries? Is there any other places in Friesland where you can pick blackberries?

This weekend we’re going on a press trip to “De friese Wouden” in The Netherlands. If you want to discover a bit more of this region, have a look at the hashtag #defriesewouden17 on twitter and instagram.


  • Anisa

    I haven’t ever done blackberry picking but I love do apple picking in NY state. In addition to picking the apples, you can get these apple cider donuts which are so good! Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard

    • shere

      ohhh, I have never tried apple cider donuts, but as I like apple cider and donuts, I guess they will be delicious 🙂

  • Ruth | Tanama Tales

    Here in California, apple picking is a thing during fall. I love going to the places were you can pick the fruit and buy all the goodies made with the fruit. However, strawberry picking is most popular along the coast. To me, fruit picking is delicious and a good way to support local businesses. #TheWeeklyPostcard

    • shere

      and here picking your fruit is also cheaper than buying it at the supermarket, so a win-win situation for everyone

  • Rhonda Albom

    I loved picking fruit with my children when they were young. Strawberries were the family’s favourite.

    • shere

      we have strawberries in our garden and the kids just go and pick them whenever they feel like it.

  • Anda

    Your post reminded my of my childhood and the time when our grandparents took us strawberry picking. It’s been a long time since then, but I can still remember how much fun we had. This looks like a great outing with children. Thanks for sharing this on #TheWeeklyPostcard

    • shere

      All my “fruit picking obsession” comes from my grandparents as well. My grandfather used to take us to pick asperges or mushrooms or anything growing in the wild 🙂

  • Michelle | michwanderlust

    When I was living with a local family in Ecuador, one of the children’s favourite activities (and mine) was to go blackberry-picking in the mountains. Those thorns though – I always had to wear a jacket, and even then I’d get my hands scratched occasionally! Nothing serious, just annoying. Didn’t you guys get scratches too, or is it just an Ecuadorean thing?

    • shere

      the past weekend, I learnt that there’re many kinds of blackberries. The ones the used for the picking don’t have thorns and gives huge blackberries. As a kid, I also used to pick wild blackberries and those had nasty thorns.

  • eileen g

    Pick your own trips are great when kids are small. We still try to go apple picking if we can. the last few falls the crop has not been great. When my daughter was little she liked to play Snow White, biting an apple and falling over on the ground in various spots around the orchard. hope you ate as many as you picked!

    • shere

      this year apple crop here isn’t great either 🙁

      So you came back home with apples having a bite?? What an imagination she has 😀

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