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a-to-z-letters-bHace tiempo que quería empezar a escribir mi “bucket list” y aunque la tengo en mi cabeza y voy añadiendo sitios y cosas que hacer, no la tengo visible en ningún sitio. Por cierto, ¿sabéis que es una bucket list? Es una lista de sitios a dónde quieres ir, de cosas que quieres hacer por lo menos una vez en la vida. En definitiva una lista de tus “sueños”.

I have wanted to start writing my “bucket list” a long time ago and although I have it in my head and I’m adding sites and things to do, I haven’t it visible anywhere. By the way, you know what a bucket list is? It’s a list of sites where you want to go, of things you want to do at least once in life. Ultimately a list of your “dreams”.


En cada viaje que hacemos Paul y yo, tachamos al menos una cosa de nuestra bucket list. Tengo que decir que hoy os cuanto mi versión, la lista de Paul sería seguramente muy diferente. Paul antes de conocerme sólo había “salido” de Europa en viaje de negocios a USA y ahora ya llevamos dos continentes más, lo que me lleva a mi primer ítem:

#1 – visitar los siete continentes, de momento van cinco (Europa, Asia, América del Norte, África y Oceanía). Creo que la visita a la Antártica va a ser la parte más difícil  pero si todo fuese fácil acabaríamos muy rápido.

On each of our trips, we crossed at least one item from our bucket list. I have to say today I’m talkin about my version of the list, Paul’s bucket list would surely be very different. Before he met me, he had only “been” outside Europe on a business trip to the U.S. and now we are have been in two more continents, which brings me to my first item:

#1 – visit all seven continents, for the moment we have been to five (Europe, Asia, North America, Africa and Oceania). I think visiting the Antarctica will be the hardest part but if everything was easy, we would end very quickly.

Siem riep, Cambodia
Siem riep, Cambodia

#2 – Dar la vuelta al mundo (volando), cuando acabé la universidad no pude irme a Australia de vacaciones por falta de dinero, desde entonces he tenido en mente dar la vuelta al mundo. No sé si porque además de querer #3 visitar Australia (¡hecho!), también quería #4 tener mi playa privada en Fiji y #5 montar en un tranvía en San Francisco. Todo eso se puede hacer perfectamente de un solo viaje, pero ahora lo que me falta es tiempo.

# 2 – Fly around the World, when I finished university I couldn’t afford going on holidays to Australia and since then I’ve had in mind to fly around the world. I don’t know if it was because I wanted to #3 visit Australia (done!) , #4 enjoy my onw private beach in Fiji and # 5 ride on a cable car in San Francisco. Everything can be done in one single trip, but now what I need is time.

Cable car San Francisco
Cable car San Francisco

#6 Dar la vuelta al mundo en velero sería otra de las opciones si tuviésemos el tiempo, el valor necesario (eso de navegar durante días por el Atlántico da miedo) y el conocimiento, por lo menos #7 teniendo el PER (patron de embarcación de recreo).

# 6 Sailing round the world would be another option if we had the time, the courage (navigate for days through the Atlantic is scary) and the knowledge, at least # 7 having  the PER (recreational boat master license).

Sailing in Corsica
Sailing in Corsica

Para terminar la lista por hoy # 8 conducir en un circuito de F1 , #9 subir en globo y #10 hacer paracaidismo (¡hecho!). ¿Qué cosas haríais vosotros? ¿habéis hecho ya una backet list?

To complete the list for today # 8 driver in a F1 circuit, # 9 fly in a hot air balloon and #10  skydiving (done!). Which items would you do? Do you have a bucket list?

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  1. Well you know my feelings about a bucket list, having dedicated all of my AtoZ posts to them!! Love the idea of sailing around the world, but not sure I have the courage to do that (I certainly don’t have the expertise!).

    1. We have been twice in a sail holiday, I love sailing but I also love seeing land. Crossing the Atlantic means not seeing land for more than two weeks!! Maybe we can cheat and skip this part 😉

  2. Qué pasada, tienes que reconocer que la lista la estas cumpliendo a buen ritmo teniendo en cuenta tu edad, asi que, sigue asi porque conseguiras todo lo que te propongas 🙂

    1. bueno este es sólo el inicio de la lista, hay tantas cosas que quiero hacer y sitios que quiero ver!!! a ver cuando te apuntas a uno de los viajecitos 🙂

  3. Thank you for commenting on my A to Z list, I’m glad I found yours, both for the topic of your list (Bucket List is a great B), but also because you write in both English and Spanish! Becoming fluent in Spanish is one of the things I would add to my bucket list, because after 9 years of language lessons in elementary school and high school, I do a pretty good job of interpreting written Spanish. My problem is understanding spoken Spanish – it takes me a while to process and interpret the words, time which I have while reading but not while listening.

  4. Hi Jen,
    Thanks for visiting my AtoZ! I always had the dilemma of choosing one language. If I write in Spanish, my “international” friends won’t understand/read it. If I do in English, my family and some of my friends won’t read it either, so I try to always write in both (the content is not always exactly the same).
    This morning I was thinking about an upcoming AtoZ post in which i want to put some cool Spanish expressions for those learning Spanish. I admire people who try to learn another language, so keep learning and speaking, no matter if it’s not perfect. At the beginning is always difficult to understand, but don’t give up! if you need any help, let me know 🙂

    1. That would be a great idea, to include expressions. Those are always the hardest, because they say one thing but mean another! I suppose English is just as bad, if not worse, but I definitely want to brush up on my Spanish skills before next year. I’ve got some serious travel in the forecast – Machu Picchu has been a major goal of mine for a while and I’ve almost got enough points saved up for the flight!

    1. Hi Molly,
      I saw your bucket list, really amazing!! I was very impressed by the “witness a birth”. I’m still working on items of my list, I also will steal some from yours 😉

  5. Glad I just found you in AtoZ. We have also been to the same five continents, and are not brave enough to go offshore. Fortunately we live in New Zealand and there is plenty of great sailing here.

    AtoZ #42

    1. We just came back from our honeymoon in NZ. We had an amazing time there!! We already know we’ll come back some day in the future!!
      We were sailing in Bay of Islands one day, although there was not so much wind 🙁

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