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AtoZ: A is for Alberta, Canada

Hoy empiezo el “A to Z Challenge”, que consiste en escribir un post cada día (excepto los domingos) con un tema que corresponda a la letra del día (de la A a la Z). ¡Vamos a ver si tengo suficiente disciplina (y tiempo) para ganar el desafío!

Today I start the A to Z Challenge, that means I will write a post each day (except on Sundays) with a theme that matches the letter of the day (A to Z). Let’s see if I have enough discipline (and time) to keep the challenge!

A to Z challenge calender
A to Z challenge calender

La primera letra es A y aunque he estado en un montón de lugares que empiezan por la A, como Amsterdam, Andalucía y las Alpujarras, he elegido Alberta (Canadá). ¿Por qué? Pues porque esta semana participo también en “G Adventures Loves Alberta” y asi mato dos pájaros de un tiro.

The first letter is A and I had a lot of places I’ve been starting with A, like Amsterdam, Andalucia and Alpujarras, but I decided to choose Alberta (Canada). Why? Because this week I’m also in the “G Adventures Loves Alberta” competition. And I thought “dos pájaros de un tiro!”.

Kananaskis, Alberta
Kananaskis, Alberta

El concurso trata de crear pines de Alberta en un tablero de pinterest que hayas creado con el nombre G Adventures Loves Alberta. Cada semana hay una región diferente de Canadá y cada semana alguien gana un viaje a Canadá con G Adventures.

The competition is about pinning pictures of Alberta onto a board you have created with the name G Adventures Loves Alberta. Each week you have a different region of Canada and each week someone will win a trip to Canada with G Adventures.

Maligne Lake, Jasper National Park, Alberta
Maligne Lake, Jasper National Park, Alberta

¿Qué es lo que me ha gustado de momento de Alberta? Tengo que admitir que he tenido que buscar primero dónde está. A ver, conozco las ciudades más importantes y se dónde están, pero no sabía en qué región están. Pero volviendo a lo que se puede hacer en Alberta, sus principales atractivos son la fauna, los deportes al aire libre, sitios históricos y un paisaje espectacular ¿Quién no ha oído hablar de las Rocky Mountains? Una parte de ellos se encuentran también en Alberta, principalmente en los parques nacionales Banff y Jasper.

What I have liked so far about Alberta? I need to admit I had to first look where it is. I mean, I know where the mayor towns are, but I didn’t know which region they are in. But back to what to do in Alberta, its main attractions are wildlife, outdoor sports, historic sites and gorgeous scenery. Who doesn’t know the Rocky Mountains? A part of them are also in Alberta, mainly in Banff and Jasper national parks.

Moriane Lake, Banff National Park, Alberta
Moriane Lake, Banff National Park, Alberta

No me voy a enrollar más porque tengo que seguir preparando posts y se supone que estos deben de ser cortos. ¿Qué os parece Alberta? ¿Sabíais dónde está? ¿Has estado en Alberta?

I’m not going to extend it longer because I still have to prepare more posts and this one was supposed to be short. What do you think Alberta? Did you know where it is? Have you been there already?


  • Kellie Netherwood

    Great post and I LOVE the first photo – I’ve always wanted to go dog sledding! I lived in Toronto for 3 months back in 1999, my first taste of Canada and I’ve always wanted to return to see more of it…I’ll have to make sure Alberta is on the list!

    • shere

      Toronto is also the only place I’ve been in Canada and it was soooo cold!! (it was winter). Next time I’m going on a winter trip I would really want to go dog sledding. Friends of mine did it in Finland and they loved it!! Let me know if you do it 🙂

  • Jessica

    Yay! I love that you did your post on Alberta! It is beautiful! I used to live in a small town named Canmore, it’s in the Rockies, close to Banff.

    Have fun with the challenge.

    • shere

      Thanks Jessica!! the first time the Rockies got my attention was when I met a Canadian girl from Vancouver in India, she was so enthusiastic about them that I have been wanting to go there since then. I’ve seen pictures from Banff and the region, it’s gorgeous!! I think you were lucky to live there 🙂

  • Pauleen Cass

    Yes to I know where it is. Yes it's high on my bucket list -perhaps the next trip after one to Kenya this year.

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