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AtoZ: I is for Indian tea in Ooty

Something I love about India is chai tea: spicy and hot. Last time I was in India, I visited Ooty, which is a popular hill station located in the Nilgiri Hills and surrounded by tea plantations.


Ooty has also one of the four “toy trains”, the Nilgiri Mountain Railway (NMR). It is one of the oldest mountain railways in India and it was declared by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in July 2005.

Toy train in Ooty
Toy train in Ooty

Of course in each little station you have the tea man waiting to sell you chai.

Tea man in Ooty

In my first visit to India, I wouldn’t have tried chai from the a street vendor, but this time I just enjoyed eating/drinking anything.

tea man in Ooty
tea man in Ooty

Do you like chai tea? Have you been to Ooty?


  • Silvai Villalobos

    I love spicy so I’d probably like this particular chai tea. Either way, it sounds heavenly — the tea and the place. Great photos, too.

  • Corinne Vail

    We have not been to Ooty, but we have traveled by train in India and loved when the chai sellers would come on board and get us a good cuppa. Great I! (

  • shere

    the first time in India I was also very cautious 🙂 you have to pay for the tea but it’s almost like nothing

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