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AtoZ Friesland with kids: picking berries at fruithof de struikrover

We stat the Our A to Z challenge with our theme Friesland with kids: picking berries  at Fruithof de Struikrover.

fruithof de struikrover
Friesland with kids: picking berries at Fruithof de Struikrover

One of the things that we enjoy the most in Friesland is the nature and being able to get in touch with farmers. You can buy milk and other diary products, vegetables, fruit and even wine. Last year we went for the first time to the harvest feast of “fruithof de struikrover”.

fruithof de struikrover 3

During the harvest feast, we were able to pick different berries and also buy some self made jam and juice, as well as having a coffee with a delicious strawberry cake.

fruithof de struikrover 2
Friesland with kids: picking berries at Fruithof de Struikrover

The kids get a small bucket and are able to pick their own berries, but Liam preferred to use our own bucket. I can say we are lucky that he loves any kind of fruit and vegetables, and as you can see, we have to stop him from eating the blueberries. In fact, he wasn’t the only one I had to ask to stop eating them, my grandfather was also visiting us and he was eating them as well 😉

fruithof de struikrover 4
Friesland with kids: picking berries at Fruithof de Struikrover

At the time we were there, Liam was 20 months old. So it’s fun to go there as soon as the little ones are able to walk. But it’s also fun for older children as well as educative.

The Fruithof de Struikrover is located near Heerenveen and it’s open during the harvesting season of the berries (in the summer). You can check their opening hours in their website or in their facebook. Have you been there? or do you know any other farm in Friesland where you can pick your own berries?


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