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34 weeks – the hardest week so far

I wanted to write this post this morning but my laptop is not working :'( and with the tablet it takes ages to write, so I’ll keep it short. Today I reached the 35th week of my pregnancy and now the days are going slow, as last week I had to spent Wednesday to Saturday in hospital due to too high blood pressure.

Iba a escribir este post esta mañana pero me he cargado el portátil y con la tablet tardo siglos en escribir, así es que no me voy a extender. Hoy son ya 35 semanas de embarazo y ya no las semanas sino nos días se hacen largos. Sobre todo porque la semana pasada estuve ingresada de miércoles a domingo (por la tensión).


It was no fun and I even had to spend the night from Wednesday to Thursday with an iv drip, not being able to step out of my bed for half of the day. And I’m not the kind that can stay quiet for hours!

Sin contar muchos detalles, os podeid imaginar que no fue una experiencia muy positiva. Lo peor fue pasar toda una noche con goteo y sonda sin poder levantarme de la cama. Sobre todo porque yo soy un “culo inquieto”.

Now I’m back home, taking it easy. I enjoy each day I can remain pregnant and stay home (as soon as the blood pressure increases again, I’ll have to go back to the hospital). Let’s hope I can celebrate my birthday at home next Wednesday.

Ahora en casa estoy más animada y todavía no me hago a la idea de que no voy a trabajar los próximos 4 o 5 meses. De momento me alegro por cada día que pasa sin tener q volver al hospital. A ver si puedo celebrar mi cumpleaños la semana que viene.


  • Rhonda Albom

    It’s starting to sound a bit like my pregnancies. However both girls wanted to be a bit early, they were both perfect, my deliveries were easy and I felt great right after birth. So, this will all pass and it is so worth it!

    Happy Birthday (mine is Tuesday).

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