Our little pumpkin – wordless Wednesday

Just three days before Liam was born, Paul and I had a “full belly” photoshoot. I had a lot of ideas in my mind and I even bought a pumpkin as a photo prop. When my sister came to visit we used again the pumpkin for a picture. You can see here both pictures.

Tres dias antes de que Liam naciese fuimos a hacernos fotos con la tripa de embarazada en plena gloria. Yo iba con un montón de ideas de fotos e incluso compré una calabaza para usarla en el photoshoot. Cuando mi hermana vino a vernos, volvimos a usar la calabaza para unas fotos y este es el resultado.

Our little  pumpkin
Our little pumpkin

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16 thoughts on “Our little pumpkin – wordless Wednesday

    1. la calabaza es por el color naranja y porque la foto la hice en noviembre. Tenía pensado hacer más fotos, pero estaba tan cansada que no hice ninguna mas.

    1. we took the second picture in December and actually we eat the pumpkin in last months (we were eating pumpkin for weeks, he,he,he). We keep the pumpkins in the garage for months, as long as it’s not freezing, they hold up for months (I still have one from our garden since October)

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