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  1. Harlingen’s singular buildings to sleep in Leave a reply
  2. In Harlingen we don’t have big buildings, but we do have many singular ones. Well, they are singular for anyone who is not Dutch and it’s not used to seeing the typical canal warehouse, with large windows and a pulley … Continue reading

  3. Pregnancy diary: week 20 2 Replies
  4. Already 20 weeks, the half of the pregnancy!! Can any one slow down the time, because I’m getting the feeling that I will wake up tomorrow and I’ll be in the hospital with our baby…   Yesterday we had also another … Continue reading

  5. Pregnancy diary: week 18 Leave a reply
  6. As we say in Spanish “en un abrir y cerrar de ojos” (= in a blink of an eye) it’s already week 18, almost the half of the pregnancy!  Can any one slow down the time, please?? Maybe the fact that I … Continue reading

  7. Coming soon 6 Replies
  8. It has been quiet on our side for a while and there’s a good reason for it. We are having a new crew member!! Or in other words, I’m pregnant I had the same when I was pregnant of Liam, I’m very lucky I … Continue reading

  9. Celebrating the breastfeeding week: 21 months breastfeedingu Leave a reply
  10. This week is the world breastfeeding week with the theme “breastfeeding and work. Let’s make it work!”. Being a working mom,  I know how much effort it takes to combine breastfeeding with a full time job. Despite of it we … Continue reading

  11. Travel plans for August 1 Reply
  12. Before I reveal our travel plans for August, let me tell you what has kept us busy this month and why I haven’t wrote so much. We started the month having breakfast in the park during the Harlinger Parkontbijt, which … Continue reading

  13. A foretaste of wadlopen in Groningen #BELM15 9 Replies
  14. Imagine a cold, grey and rainy day at the smallest open sea port of The Netherlands: the Noordpolderzijl in Groningen. Imagine a group of 10 people wearing jackets and (most of them) shorts. Yes, shorts in a cold day!! what do you … Continue reading

  15. Harlinger Parkontbijt or breakfast in the park 3 Replies
  16. After 4 years, it’s now a tradition for us to be part of the Harlinger Parkontbijt (Harlingen’s park breakfast). This year it was the 6th edition (we have missed a couple) and the day wouldn’t have been chosen better. Well, the … Continue reading

  17. Postcard from Mono Lake, California – ww 22 Replies
  18. One of our stops in our Jucy Southwest road trip: Mono lake, California. Share this!