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  1. AtoZ of Friesland with kids: Doniastate 2 Replies
  2. The D of AtoZ of Friesland with kids: Doniastate. Doniastate is a much more than a farm for children (in Dutch a “kinderboerderij”). As any other children farm has a lot of animals, some of them are keept behind fences but other … Continue reading

  3. AtoZ Friesland with kids: picking berries at fruithof de struikrover 4 Replies
  4. We stat the Our A to Z challenge with our theme Friesland with kids: picking berries  at Fruithof de Struikrover. One of the things that we enjoy the most in Friesland is the nature and being able to get in touch … Continue reading

  5. The bump watch is over, welcome little Mika!! 7 Replies
  6. Last week Monday I took this picture just before my weekly appointment with my gynecologist, not knowing it’s going to be the last bump picture. l will tell the whole story in another post, but welcomed Mika the day after, … Continue reading

  7. Pregnancy diary: week 38 4 Replies
  8. It has been a while since the last update, but as the weeks were passing I’m getting more tired and also more worried. With Liam I started having issues with my blood pressure around week 33 and he was born … Continue reading

  9. 2015 in pictures with a giveaway for the Vakantiebeurs 17 Replies
  10. There’s no better way to start the year than planning your next trip. Ours it’s still not yet set, but I hope to get some more information and inspiration for our travels at the vakantiebeurs (travel fair) in Utrech upcoming Wednesday. … Continue reading

  11. The “gezelligste” Christmas Markets of Friesland 9 Replies
  12. December is the month of the Christmas Markets and not only in Germany and other Nordic countries, also in The Netherlands there’re a lot of Christmas Markets. Here I have an overview of the “gezelligste” Christmas Markets of Friesland. Why these … Continue reading

  13. The best places to eat in Copenhagen with children + win a trip!! 19 Replies
  14. Last March we flew to Copenhagen (as well as Stockholm and Oslo) as winners of the #Icanflysas competition. During our stay in Copenhagen, we tried different places to eat and we have in this post our TOP 3 of the best places to eat … Continue reading

  15. Driving in Costa Rica with Vamos rent-a-car 17 Replies
  16. We want to share our experience driving in Costa Rica with Vamos rent-a-car. Before we went to Costa Rica we had a lot of questions about how people drive in Costa Rica, which kind of car to rent and which … Continue reading

  17. Happy birthday to us!! & Giveaway 6 Replies
  18. Today it’s our birthday!! We’re celebrating Liam’s 2nd birthday and my 35th birthday. It’s amazing how fast the times goes. I was looking for some pictures and I found these ones of our first trip (just the two of us) to … Continue reading