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  1. “¡me huele el culo a fiordo!” 3 Replies
  2. From time to time I miss not to be able to speak in Spanish and one of those times is just before a trip. In Madrid’s slang we always say “me huele el culo a playa” when we are almost … Continue reading

  3. Agenda week 22 – wat te doen met kinderen in Friesland 3 Replies
  4. Elke week komt de vraag “wat te doen met kinderen in Friesland?” en hier heb ik een paar ideen voor de komende weekend: wandelen, trekkers, straatfeest, welke is jouw favorite? En welke is een aanrader dat wij zullen toevoegen? 2. … Continue reading

  5. Flying alone with a baby and a toddler 1 Reply
  6. We have flown twice just the three of us: Liam, Mika and I. Every time I get several times the same question “are you flying alone?” yes, I’m flying alone with a baby and a toddler. Then I get THE … Continue reading

  7. Adiós April and travel plans for May and June 3 Replies
  8. Since the birth of Mika, the time is flying even faster than before. Yesterday he was already 2 months old!! That would also mean that I have to come back to work next week, but I’ve taken holidays and an … Continue reading

  9. Review Liliputi babywearing mama coat 1 Reply
  10. Just two weeks before Mika was born, I bought a Liliputi babywearing mama coat. I realized that during the winter I tend to carry Liam less and that the reason for it is that I just hate to put the winter jackets … Continue reading

  11. AtoZ of Friesland with kids: playing with water at de Kruidhof Leave a reply
  12. The playground from de Kruidhof is so far our favorite one in Friesland, therefore the W of the AtoZ of Friesland with kids: playing with water at de Kruidhof. It isn’t a secret that all toddlers love to play with water and … Continue reading

  13. AtoZ of Friesland with kids: atelier kleine-lijn 4 Replies
  14. Would you like to follow a different craft workshop? The atelier kleine-Lijn offers “zeefdrukken” (screenprinting) workshops and therefore the L of the AtoZ of Friesland with kids: atelier kleine-lijn. Even though I speak Dutch, I didn’t know what “zeefdrukken” meant, so I was … Continue reading

  15. AtoZ of Friesland with kids: It Dreamlan 11 Replies
  16. There’re so many things to do with kids in Friesland that you can easily stay for a week or even a month and after so much fun during the day, you will need a cozy and child-friendly place to sleep. … Continue reading

  17. AtoZ of Friesland with kids: aldfaers Erf, open-air museum 2 Replies
  18. The E of the A to Z of Friesland with kids: aldfaers Erf. Aldfaers Erf is an open-air museum, a little village where you can see how Frisian lived and worked in the past. You can enter all houses and in … Continue reading