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  1. Driving in Costa Rica with Vamos rent-a-car 17 Replies
  2. We want to share our experience driving in Costa Rica with Vamos rent-a-car. Before we went to Costa Rica we had a lot of questions about how people drive in Costa Rica, which kind of car to rent and which … Continue reading

  3. Happy birthday to us!! & Giveaway 6 Replies
  4. Today it’s our birthday!! We’re celebrating Liam’s 2nd birthday and my 35th birthday. It’s amazing how fast the times goes. I was looking for some pictures and I found these ones of our first trip (just the two of us) to … Continue reading

  5. Pregnancy diary: it’s a … 2 Replies
  6. As promised, we are not keeping the secret until the end of the pregnancy. We just waited to tell our families before telling everyone else.   As you already know I booked tickets to fly just before Liam’s second birthday … Continue reading

  7. Harlingen’s singular buildings to sleep in Leave a reply
  8. In Harlingen we don’t have big buildings, but we do have many singular ones. Well, they are singular for anyone who is not Dutch and it’s not used to seeing the typical canal warehouse, with large windows and a pulley … Continue reading

  9. Pregnancy diary: week 20 2 Replies
  10. Already 20 weeks, the half of the pregnancy!! Can any one slow down the time, because I’m getting the feeling that I will wake up tomorrow and I’ll be in the hospital with our baby…   Yesterday we had also another … Continue reading

  11. Having fun in Europa Park with a toddler 10 Replies
  12. If you ask me what is the best part of having a child, my answer would be without a doubt that you can be a child again and enjoy things like jumping in a puddle, eating an ice-cream or riding any attraction … Continue reading

  13. Pregnancy diary: week 18 Leave a reply
  14. As we say in Spanish “en un abrir y cerrar de ojos” (= in a blink of an eye) it’s already week 18, almost the half of the pregnancy!  Can any one slow down the time, please?? Maybe the fact that I … Continue reading

  15. Coming soon 6 Replies
  16. It has been quiet on our side for a while and there’s a good reason for it. We are having a new crew member!! Or in other words, I’m pregnant I had the same when I was pregnant of Liam, I’m very lucky I … Continue reading

  17. Celebrating the breastfeeding week: 21 months breastfeedingu Leave a reply
  18. This week is the world breastfeeding week with the theme “breastfeeding and work. Let’s make it work!”. Being a working mom,  I know how much effort it takes to combine breastfeeding with a full time job. Despite of it we … Continue reading