The winner of the #Icanflysas competition is… – Wordless Wednesday

US!!!! Yes, we won the competition and we will fly and visit Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm.

icanflysas competition winner

I have spent one day in Copenhagen and a weekend in Stockholm, but I have never been to Oslo. Paul (and of course Liam) haven’t been in any of the places, so it’s a promising trip. Do you have any tips for any of these cities? 

8 thoughts on “The winner of the #Icanflysas competition is… – Wordless Wednesday

  1. Wow! Congratulations. You two are so cool!

    We went to Oslo as a cruise port (I blogged it all). We had limited time so we hired a private guide to get the maximum in. We were pleased with our choices but don’t know what we missed. We went to the ski jump, the Viking Ship museum (My favorite of the three) and the Vigeland Park (free). Be prepared – Norway is expensive.

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