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What is cheaper flying or driving to Norway?

Are you planning a road trip through Norway? Are you looking for the best way to get there? What is cheaper flying or driving to Norway? Should you rent a rv in Norway or in another country? Let me give you some information to answer these questions as while planning our RV road trip to Norway, I looked for all different combinations.

What is cheaper flying or driving to Norway

The first decision you will need to take is how do you want to hit the road: by campervan, motorhome or car? Almost every camping offer “hytter”: cabins. They can be small or big, with or without kitchen, for two or for more people. If you plan to use a car, you can stay in these cabins. If you want to experience the freedom of camping anywhere, then you should go by camper or motorhome. As a family of 4 we choose to go by motorhome and not by campervan because of the weather in Norway. Otherwise we could have chosen a campervan like we did in our jucy Southwest USA trip two years ago.

itinerary and costs southwest jucy road trip
itinerary and costs southwest jucy road trip

Next question is should you rent a rv in Norway or in another country? Please sit down because I’m going to tell you how much cost the rental of a rv in Norway. Ready? For a motorhome it can be anything between 150€/day and 250€/day from June to September !! (plus all the extras like table and chairs, bed linen, etc…). Here you see some webs and its prices.

What is cheaper flying or driving to Norway? Motorhome rental is expensive in Norway

motorhome bergen motorhome bergen 2

A campervan is cheaper, from 100€/day, but it has the disadvantage that there’re less locations to rent there.

camper norway
What is cheaper flying or driving to Norway? The rental of a campervan is cheaper but there aren’t so many locations in Norway

artic campers

norway campers

I checked the prices in The Netherlands and in Germany and in both countries you can rent a motorhome for 500-750€/week! As we didn’t want to pack up the car, drive to the motorhome location and repack, we looked for a motorhome in Friesland. It wasn’t easy as a lot of them were already booked and at the end we didn’t rent it from a company but from a friend of a friend for 500€/week.

Our rv for 3 weeks
Our motorhome for 3 weeks

Renting campers from other people is the new trend and I really recommend it! We checked campers from a rental company and they were falling apart. The camper from the private owners are also used by them and they take much more care of them, at least it was our impression from the two privately owned campers we checked. To find these campers you can use websites like goboony  and camptoo. I looked in both sites, but unfortunately there wasn’t a camper matching our dates.

Our rv had all things needed for a holiday: from cookware to outdoor table and chairs
Our rv had all things needed for a holiday: from cookware to outdoor table and chairs

I know what you are thinking. If I rent a camper in The Netherlands, I still have to drive to Norway and that will cost money too. Here it’s what we paid to get to/from Norway:

  • 400€ for the ferry Hirtshals-Bergen and Kristiansand – Hirtshals (price for the ferry can vary from one day to another, it’s wise to book as soon as possible). The Hirtshals-Bergen is an overnight cruise and you need to book a cabin. Ours was a 4 people outside one and it was 123€. If you take the ferry to and from Kristiansand, you can save that money.
  • 200€ diesel, from our house it’s 890km/one way (1780km x 10l diesel per 100km x 1,15€ liter)
  • 24€ for the camping on the way to Hirsthals
  • 43€ for the camping in Legoland in Denmark, we also stayed one night in Germany, but it was for free.

It makes a subtotal of 667€, plus 1500€ for the three weeks rental, we get a total of 2.167€. If we have rented a rv in Norway, we would have paid that amount of money for 12 days. So the question “what is cheaper flying or driving to Norway?” can be answered easily: renting a camper/motorhome in The Netherlands and driving to Norway is cheaper than flying to Norway and renting the camper there. If you take the costs of the flight tickets to Norway (for the 4 of us it would have been much more than 400€), getting to the airport and/or paying for parking at the airport, I can say that we really save some money.

Are planning a trip to Norway, how will you go?

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