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The most beautiful hikes in Slovenia with children

If you love outdoors and hiking, Slovenia is the perfect destination for you. Having 66% of its territory covered with forests of different types and 10% protected under nature conservation laws, there’s no doubt Slovenia it’s a nature lovers paradise. During our three weeks holiday in Slovenia, we hiked almost every day. From all hikes, we have picked up the most beautiful hikes in Slovenia with children. Our TOP 5 is the following:

Vintgar Gorge

Vintgar Gorge is probably the most well-known and touristy walk from Slovenia! And I can see why. The scenary is gorgeous and the walk is really easy. It´s just few kilometres away from Bled and also not so long (1,6km). So perfect for all ages and physical condition. The walk leads you over wooden bridges and Žumr’s galleries and ends with a bridge overlooking the 13m high Šum waterfall. As Vintgar gorge carves its way through the vertical rocks of the Hom and Boršt hill, you can do this walk also during a hot summer day. The hills provide you shadow and the Radovna river moistures the air. The day we walked here, it was 35 degrees, so I can tell that without shadow it wouldn’t have been pleasant.

At the beginning and the end of the walk, there is a ticket counter where you can buy some drinks and ice-creams. But it’s a good idea to bring enough water with you. Even though all the wooden bridges have railings, you should take extra attention of the children. Our toddler walked all the way and really enjoyed looking for fishes in the crystal clear water.

The entry fee in June 2017 was 5€ for adults, 2,5€ for kids 6-15 years and 0,8€ for kids up to 6 years.

Pokljuka Gorge

“Lush forest, natural bridges, holes, caves and narrow passages between 50-meter walls” is the description of Pokljuka Gorge. This one is also not so far away from Bled, but it isn’t so touristy as Vitgar Gorge. Probably because the walk is longer (4km) and more challenging than Vintgar Gorge. The path is circular and you should first follow the signs to ‘hidden valley’, where you can walk through a wooden gallery and then climb along the wooden steps and through a narrow passageway in order to get to the upper part of Pokjuka Gorge. This part felt like an adventure!

If you are coming with young children, I would recommend to visit this part and then go back to the junction and walk to “Pokljuška luknja”  (a large semi-open cave). Our experience is that the path after both sights is quite difficult to find and also challenging for the kids. If you want to do the circular path, go first to the left. We maybe made the mistake of going in the junction to the right. After a while, we realized we were going in the wrong direction 🙁 but we were able to find our way.

This hike has no entrance fee.

Slap Savica

Savica waterfall is one of the must see if you’re in Bohinj.  This waterfall comes into sight at an altitude of 836 m and is 78 m high. The path to the waterfall is well marked and mostly with stone steps. Along the way there were some wooden picnic tables, so you can take your packed lunch with you and enjoy it on the way. Our toddler walked all the way up and it took us about 30minutes to reach the top.

The entrance fee was 3€ (July 2017), but free with our Bohinj package.

Slap Kozjak

We spent two nights in Kobarid and due to the weather forecast, we decided to hike to slap Kozjak instead of hiking the Tolmin Gorge. The walk to Kozjak waterfall is really easy and it has a lot of surprises along the way like caves and bunkers from the 1st world war. In the last part of the hike, you will need to cross the water several times. For that, they’re some narrow bridges. Once you get to the entrance of the waterfall, you need to climb to a wooden sidewalk. The waterfall is inside a cave and it´s really spectacular. If this wouñnd´t be enough, the path goes along the emerald green Soca river. The hanging bridge is really a must of this walk too.

This hike has no entrance fee.

Velika Planina

Visiting a herdsmen’s settlement in Slovenia was one of the top things on my which list. “Planina” means meadow and during the summer herdsmen take the cows into the high meadows. It is possible to visit some settlements in Slovenia, but from all this one was the easiest to get to. We took first a cable car and then continued for another 45 minutes to the top (the chair lift was closed due to strong wind). After a lunch stop, we continued to the herdsmen’s settlement Mala planina, which is full of interesting sites. In some of the herdsmen’ cottages, you try/buy home made dairy products. We bought some cheese as well as some fresh milk. The children loved walking through the cows and for sure it was worth the effort.

The cable car costs 13€, while cable car and chair lift cost 15€ for adults (June 2017).

As you can read, we have picked five different hikes that in our opinion are the most beautiful hikes in Slovenia with children. If you have been to Slovenia already, have you done any of these hikes? And if not, which one would you try?

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  • Ruth | Tanama Tales

    It may be touristic and well-know but it is gorgeous. I will go there to check out the color of that water and the waterfall. I consider places like these my happy places. #TheWeeklyPostcard

  • Lolo

    I’m sad we didnt have time for the Vintar Gorge, but we definitely want to go back! Oooh and thanks for introducing me to Slap Kozjak!! Thanks for linking up with #TheWeeklyPostcard!

  • Michelle | michwanderlust

    Vintgar Gorge is BEAUTIFUL! The other hikes look amazing too. I’d definitely go for the less crowded ones, because it’s so nice to have a place all to yourself. Is that selfish? The colour of the Soca river in Slap Kozjak is everything. I love hiking and nature so Slovenia is definitely on my bucket list!

  • Anisa

    Slovenia is on my list for many reasons including hiking. Thanks for the info of these beautiful hikes, going to pin this for when I finally make it there. #TheWeeklyPostcard

  • Hilary

    Absolutely stunning! The color of that water is unbelievable! I visited Slovenia as a child, but don’t really remember, so I’ll just have to find my way back! When I do I’ll definitely be choosing one of these hikes! My boys would love crossing all those bridges and exploring the caves! #theweeklypostcard

  • Sarah

    Lovely! The hikes look amazing, and it’s great to know they are also kid-friendly. I’m a big proponent of traveling with kids and love finding great tips! Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard

  • l

    These hikes all look stunning, although my personal favourite will always be the path around Lake Bled. I admit it is more of a walk than a hike. We hired bikes and cycled it which was great fun.

  • Anda

    We didn’t spend too much time in Slovenia. Actually, we just passed through (almost). After reading your post I feel like going back to do these hikes. I love the scenery at Vintgar Gorge. Absolutely stunning. #TheWeeklyPostcard

  • Rob+Ann @TravelLatte(.net)

    What gorgeous trails! We live in a very flat area, so any chance to get into some mountains and forests is appreciated. If we had trails like this nearby, we’d be out there all the time! It’s great that you have such natural beauty to choose from. 🙂 Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

  • Kreete

    Im ready to pack up and heat to Slovenia! I have always been amazed by the beautiful nature photography from Slovenia and I love hiking, so that’s a win win! Thanks for sharing!

  • Hannan

    So we’re about to travel to Solvenia with our kids. I have a 4year old and twins who are 2 year olds. I wish I read your blogs Much earlier in life so I could continue having adventures with my little ones. My husband and I love hiking but took a break when my first one was 12months and got too heavy for us to carry. We recently resumed and have done a few places South of France, Germany and The Netherlands. We live in Rotterdam now. How old was you toddler during the Solvenia trip?

    • shere

      Sorry, I totally missed your comment! Our toddler was 3,5 years old and around 16kg. We still carry him during long hikes when he gets tired, but he is walking most of the time.

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