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The best rest stops for kids along the German highway

Are you driving to Austria, Slovenia, Croatia or Hungary with through Germany with children? We travelled from The Netherlands to Slovenia by car and caravan with two children, 15 months old and 3.5 years old. I wasn’t really looking forward to the long drive, but with some preparation, it turned to be fine. I did a good research about the best rest stops for kids along the German highway. We drove two hours, then we had a break in a super fun and child-friendly place, two more hours driving and again another break. We also ate a good meal around noon so we didn’t have to cook in the evening. For us, it worked really well.

There are different options to drive to the South. Basically, you need to decide to either follow the road along Stuttgart or along Nürnberg. We drove the A3 from the border of  The Netherlands to Nürnberg, then we continued on the A9 and A8 towards Munich and Salzburg. On the way back we entered Germany via Passau, so we followed the A3 all the time. We have had few traffic jam files and the “Dauerbaustellen” around Frankfurt are finally ready. Here are the best rest stops for kids along the German highway on your way to your holiday destination.

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Krewelshof in Lohmar

Price children’s’ farm: adult 3,50 €, children >2 years and < 1m 2,5€, children > 1m 5,5€

Our first stop in Germany was Krewelshof in Lohmar.  De Krewelshof has a children’s’ farm, a restaurant and a bio market. If you left very early, you can stop here for breakfast. Monday to Friday, it costs 12.50 € (adults), 8.50 € (4-11 years), 3.50 € (2-3 years). Saturday and Sunday, it costs 18.50 €, 11.50 € (4-11 years), 3.50 € (2-3 years). These prices include the buffet and hot drinks. During the weekend, it also includes the entrance to the children’s farm. But you can just have a “Kaffe und Kuchen”. and enjoy their delicious homemade cakes and bread.

The best rest stops for kids along the German highway – Krewelshof

We had breakfast at the Ikea in Arnhem and at Krewelshof we ate lunch. We paid 35 € for 3 main courses and 3 drinks. You can eat outside on the terrace, very relaxed. What I didn’t like is that inside the children’s farm there is also a bar but there you can only buy snacks. That’s why we sat on the terrace of the restaurant first and later we went to the children’s farm.

The best rest stops for kids along the German highway – Krewelshof

For the children’s farm, we paid 8.50 € and the kids were able to watch the goats, slide down on a kind of donut, climb, play with water and sand, and drive karts (these were still too big for our boys). When we were there, a huge air castle including swimming pool was being filled.

The best rest stops for kids along the German highway – Krewelshof

“Haus Über Kopf” in Wertheim

Price: adult 4,50 €, children (4–14): 3,50 €

Our first driving day ended in Wertheim, where you can visit “TOPPELS Haus Über Kopf”. Here everything is upside down and you can take funny pictures! They also have a cafe, so nice for a short break.

Lindenhof-erlebnishof in Hammerbach (near Erlangen)

Price: > 2 year 3,90 €

On the road, we found that everything in Germany is an “Erlebnis”, like at Lindenhof-erlebnishof in Hammerbach near Erlangen. This is not directly on the highway, but it has a lot to offer: feeding animals, pony riding, karts for young and old, playground, ball pool, straw castle, water and mud playground as well as a Biergarten.

Wilde paarden in Tennenloher Forst (Nürnberg)

Price: free.

If there’s trafic jam before Nürnberg, exit the road and watch the wild horses in Tennenloher. This is also a nice place for a short walk.

Playmobil fun park in Nürnberg

Price: 11€, 8€ after 4 p.m.

Do your kids love Playmobil?? Then you have to visit Playmobil Fun Park. It is not a theme park with attractions, but a mega playground with live-sized Playmobil replicas! There are several areas: a pirate ship, a castle of the knight, a mine, dinos, a farm, and much more. I will write a review about Playmobil soon as there’s so much to tell.

The entrance fee is not so high: 11 € from 2 years or 8 € for the evening. You can also visit the “Biergarten” (open in summer until 22:00) and the “Aktivpark” from 18:00. In reality: Playmobil fun park is a good stop to stay for one or two nights. They have a parking for campers. It costs 5 € / night but there isn’t power. If you want power and showers, there’s a camping within walking distance.

Erlebnisbauernhof in Auhof 

Price: free.

Erlebnisbauernhof in Aufhof is the best of all rest stops. They have a “Biergarden” on the edge of a mega big, a super fun playground, with also children’s farm, orchard and pond. It is managed by a team consisting of people with and without disabilities. Owned by the Diakonie, a non-profit organization. You are not allowed to bring your own food or drinks, but the prices here are really fine. For example, a “Schnitzel mit Pommes” costs 7,7 €, “Käsespätzle mit Salad” 5,9 € and a 0,5l drink just 2,5 €. The photos of the food on the menu are really bad, the chicken nuggets looked like those from a snack bar, but in reality, they were real pieces of chicken. The portions are also big, the Schnitzel is just as big as the plate 🙂 two children can easily eat from a single Schnitzel.

The best rest stops for kids along the German highway – Erlebnisbauernhof Auhof

We were here around 11 o’clock, the perfect time to let the children first play. After our bellies were full and the children became sleepy, we left again. Mika fell asleep on the way to the car and Liam when the car started to drive: D. (From the parking lot to the playground it is a 5-minute walk; you can not see the Erlebnisbauernhof from the parking lot but just follow the signs).

The best rest stops for kids along the German highway – Erlebnisbauernhof Aufhof


Price: free.

Do you want to strech you legs again? If so, stop in Greding. In the old town of Greding, you walk in a few steps from the Middle Ages to the Baroque. The almost complete defensive wall with 21 towers or the baroque hunting palace of the Eichstätter Prince are the gaze of Greding. The symbol of the city is the Romanesque basilica of St. Martin.

Playground in Frasdorf

Price: free.

If you are on the A8 and the children need some play time, you can stop at the village of Frasdorf. There is a nice playground. In Germany, they have a very useful website: “Spielplatznet“. Here you can search for playgrounds.

Waldwipfelweg in Englmar

Price: adult 7,5€, children (7-17 year) 5€

On the way back we drove the A3 from Passau to Nürnberg, the children had been sleeping in the car for a while and we decided to visit waldwipfelweg. We stoppes here for a little longer lunch. It is not directly on the highway but also not far. I thought it would be just a path over the trees, but it was much more. You can walk on the top of the trees and there is a lot information and explanations about trees and animals. There are two more paths on the ground: one with optical delusions and one to experience nature. There were also animals, a beautiful playground, a large sandpit as well as a “Haus am Kopf”.


Also for the hungry guests, there is a restaurant and a terrace with a great view. You can eat your own food on the terrace. I will write a review about this place later as we really liked it!

The best rest stops for kids along the German highway – Waldwipfelweg

These were the best rest stops for kids along the German highway. Would you stop at any of them? Do you normally look for the rest stops before leaving?


  • Anisa

    Yes on road trips it is definitely important to take breaks even if you don’t have kids. Glad you were able to find some spots that the kids enjoyed. Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

    • shere

      without kids, we didn’t plan or look for rest stops. We just stopped when we felt like it or when we saw something interesting.

  • Diann | Weekend Wanderlust

    Great information for parents, I would not have known so many activities were right off the highway. We have found driving to be a perfect way to see Europe. #WeekendWanderlust

  • Michelle | michwanderlust

    I did a 2-week road trip through Germany once and our rest stops were just that – to top up fuel and maybe grab a bite. Honestly had no idea there were so many fun options for rest stops! Greding looks so pretty; I’d definitely stop there. And the upside down house too – those are so much fun!

    • shere

      We had such a long road trip that I felt like we should do some things along the way so it doesn’t feel like we are only driving.
      I had much more things, but these ones were the best.

  • Lolo

    Glad to see you discovered Cafe uber Kopf! We went and had a lot of fun! Thanks for linking up with #TheWeeklyPostcard!

  • Ruth | Tanama Tales

    These are the most over the top rest stops I have ever seen. I though we had nice stops here in the States but how wrong I was. You can even make a holiday out of these stops. Really impressed by your article. I really need to travel around Germany in a car. #wkendtravelinspiration

    • shere

      For us, it was the way to not feel we are just driving. I worked out really well for everyone.

  • Anda

    It’s amazing to see how much care the Germans have for families with children. I think that having playgrounds in rest areas is a trend because lately I see more and more of them. However, nothing as extensive as these. They didn’t have anything like this when my son was growing up, so we had to come up with our own “entertainment.” #TheWeeklyPostcard

    • shere

      All of these are just outside the highway, but so close that it’s worth the extra 5 minutes driving. However, they are also realizing that with rest areas with nice playgrounds they attract more families, so more income 🙂
      The best playground in a rest area I’ve seen was in Luxembourg, it was amazing!

  • eileen g

    Ikea is a lifesaver with kid when you need an indoor option. inexpensive cafe, play areas. when when my daughter was a toddler she would walk through the couch department and try every couch, which killed a good 1/2 hour! Europeans have more varied and innovative playgrounds than we do in the U.S., which are also very helpful traveling with kids. And that farm’s cafe looks fantastic. I love german kuchen!

    • shere

      I didn’t mention here, but our first stop was just before the border, at the ikea for a breakfast 😀 I look for ikea along the route, but that’s easy to find on the go 🙂

  • Bryna | Dotted Line Travels

    Great post! I don’t have kids but I think it’s important to break up a road trip with stops along the way so that everyone gets a good stretch! I would love to visit waldwipfelweg!

  • Rob+Ann @TravelLatte(.net)

    Those are pretty elaborate stops! They look like lots of fun. In the U.S., we have state-run rest stops along interstate highways, but most of them are literally just parking areas to pull over and rest a bit. Some may have picnic tables, restrooms and vending machines, but rarely much more. We don’t have little ones anymore, but we’re still a little jealous of your great rest stops! 😉 Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

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