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“¡me huele el culo a fiordo!”

From time to time I miss not to be able to speak in Spanish and one of those times is just before a trip. In Madrid’s slang we always say “me huele el culo a playa” when we are almost leaving on holidays. If you translate it, it would be something like “my ass smells like beach” 😛 which it would sound pretty strange. That’s why I could now say “me huele el culo a fiordo” (my ass smells like Fjord) as we are already leaving at the end of the week for our camper road trip around the Norwegians Fjords.

camper road trip norway with kids
camper road trip norway with kids

Our trip will start in Bergen, as at the end I was able to book the overnight ferry with Fjordline to Bergen (I was lucky someone canceled his trip as the ferry was fully booked). We will drive to Voss and from there to Gudvanger, where we will most probably will take a passenger ferry through the Nærøyfjords and Aurlandfjords that will bring us to Flåm. I thought it will be great for the kids to take the ferry instead of driving, we cannot take the camper on the ferry so Paul will have to take the bus back to pick it up while we are discovering Flåm.

In Flåm there’re a lot of thing to do and we will for sure take the Flambasa train and go up to the Stegastein viewpoint. Afterwards we will continue our journey to Geirangerfjord and we will try not to get sick driving the Trollstigen road (11 bends of 180 degrees). This will be the most northerly point we will get. Afterwards we will start the way south.

On the way south we’re thinking of hiking the Preikestolen. It’s a 10km hike but not so easy. I know, this isn’t something families travelling with a baby and a toddler will do. Well, for us it won’t be the first hike with a baby on the back, we hiked in Yosemite, Death Valley, Zion NP and the Grand Canyon, but the biggest difference is the weather. While in USA we knew it will be warm, here we will have to wait until the day of the hike. If it’s cold and dry, we will still do it, but if it’s raining we won’t for sure.

The trip in Norway will end in Kristiansand with the ferry back to Denmark, where we will drive first to Legoland. Yes, we are going to Legoland as well. I’m sure Liam will enjoy it as much as we will do 🙂 I guess it will be the best way to finish our trip.

foto credits:
foto credits:

This week I’m preparing the cloths and the food we will take in with us. Yes, we are going “op zijn hollands” (the dutch way): a camper filled with wine and food like pasta and potatoes to save some money on the groceries (Norway is known for being very expensive).  The only thing I’m still doubting is about the cloths as right now there’re over 20 degrees but the forecast seems to go down to 11 degrees. I guess I’ll take summer and winter cloths.

the weather for our camper road trip norway with kids
the weather for our camper road trip Norway with kids

What do you think of the plans for our camper road trip Norway with kids? Any tips for something we should bring with us?


  • Rhonda Albom

    Have a wonderful time. We have been to three of your stops and loved them all, especially the Flambassa train. I can’t wait to see your photos. Love the expression by the way, although the literal translation made me giggle.

  • Nelleke

    Julie zijn zo geweldig. Wat een avontuur weer. Twee kleine kindjes mee. En dab ook nog tijd om alles op te schrijven. Jullie zijn allebei duizendpoten…hi hi. Petje af!
    Goede reis samen.

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