New Zealand,  Oceania

Picture of the week: sunrise at Gillespies beach

Hoy queremos llegar a Wanaka y para los casi 300km creo que necesitaremos unas cuantas horas, así es que ha tocado madrugar. Justo cuándo terminábamos de desayunar salía el sol. Las nubes estaban más altas que ayer y nos han dejado ver las montañas ¡no se me ocurre mejor forma de empezar el día!

Fox Glacier at Sunrise from Gillespies beach DOC campsite

Today we want to drive to Wanaka and I guess that we’re going to need some hours for the almost 300km, therefore we woke up early. Just when we were finishing breakfast the sun was rising. The clouds and were higher than yesterday and we could see the mountains. Would you imagine a better way for starting the day?!

Fox Glacier at Sunrise from Gillespies beach

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