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OnTheRoad: thoughts on a 12h long flight

I always wonder the people that can sleep for hours in a plane, I can’t. Somehow my mind doesn’t want to stop thinking. Today it couldn’t be different, how I could even think to sleep for an hour in a day time plane? Well I’ve noticed we have had a lot of “turbulences”, right! What other thing would make all passengers remain seated?! The signal is on so the stewardesses can have a rest. The have even turned off the lights. Otherwise people would ask for a drink, go to the toilet , walk around and talk, and that all would be more work for them. So it’s easier to say there are turbulences and put everyone to sleep. But not me! I prefer to be awake and wonder about the following things:

– why are the glasses filled only to the half? I have the answer today. In one of the those no turbulence breaks, I went to grab some juice. I was really thirsty. I got just half glass, but at the moment I had finished (in about two seconds) the stewardess left the pack unattended, so I grabbed and filled it to the top as well as a second glass for Paul. Well, you are already imagining what happened next: turbulences, this time for real, right! I had a fully filled glass of orange juice and I had to rush to my seat to put the seat belt on. Drinking both on the spot would have been easier, I recon. But the stewardess was jelling something in Korean, so I tried my best to come cruise half plane back to my seat. Fortunately for my fellow travelers I managed to get a o my seat with two glasses, both full! I sat and drank mine in once. I was still thirsty, maybe because of the great amount of rice you get. What it leads to my next question.

– why do plane meals contain so much rice (or pasta)? In the particular plane we are at the moment we have had lunch and dinner, both had three options: bibimbap (traditional Korean dish consisting of a lot of rice and very few meat or vegetables), rice with chicken or rice with fish. Actually they ask you if you want Korean, chicken or fish. Well, I want chicken and by that I mean I want more chicken than rice, not a lot of rice with some pieces of chicken. But back to the question, why is that? I guess if they would serve more fiber, we would have a lighter digestion and paste probably more people would feel that necessity. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? Even if it’s not correct I’ll write it: people would need to poo!! Which triggers my next question.

– what if the poo is too big for the toilet? Have you also ever wonder? Have you seen the tiny hole in the airplanes’ toilets?!! I know it seems that there’s kind of vacuum on the bottom of the toilet. By what about the mess left behind?

Well, i think I’m going to stop here, before the questions get too dirty 😉 So just tell me what are those questions that come into your mind hen you are in a plane?

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