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OnTheRoad: the end is coming

We’re enjoying our last day in the South Island, a sunny day in Christchurch. Tonight we’ll flight to Auckland, on Saturday to Seoul and Sunday to Amsterdam.

Yesterday we were just happy sitting in the sun, we just heard that there’s quite a lot of snow in Europe at the moment. I wonder if schiphol would close and we would have to stay in Seoul 😉 I have just added my bikini to my hand luggage, so we could go to the Korean baths if we have delay.  We’ve packed everything already, I thought it is better to have in the hand luggage whatever we need for the next three days, instead of unpacking and packing again.

Enough about going back. After Milford we have been to many places. I should have drove more, when I let Paul steering, we end up somewhere further than planned. For example, the Catlins weren’t in our plans, but Paul wanted to go to Bluff, then the Catlins. We continued to Dunedin, Oamaru, Mt Cook and then Tepako. In 4,5 weeks here we have drove more than 5000km!! My plan was around 3500km 🙂

Anyway, we have to finish our breakfast in order to do some sightseeing

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  • Nicolas DiPasquale

    Shere (y Paul):
    Wow! What an adventure! I enjoyed reading a bit about your travels. The playful tone helps put me there so easily – complemented with pictures and I can almost taste the air!

    I’ve always enjoyed learning, sharing and experiencing so many things, and so thanks to you (and Paul) for sharing some of your adventures with us, and the rest of your “inner circle”

    Un brazo fuerte,
    Nico y Melissa

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