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On the road: our first week in Costa Rica

Finally i got some time to write some lines and upload some pictures (i forgot the cable that i use to connect the camera and the tablet). We have already been in Costa Rica for more than a week and we love it!!!
The little ones are enjoying being outside the whole day and seing all kind of animals. They are often running behind something and pointing at what they see. We have seen monkeys,  sloths, frogs,  tucans, quetzal, butterflies, coatis, racoons, colibríes and crocodiles in the wild and many more in the zoo.


Also we have had fun activities for the old ones: off road driving, hanging bridges,  canopy, hot springs, volcanic mud wrapping and a bier as soon as the little ones are sleeping.


We have had all kind of weather, also all in one day. The last three days in Manuel Antonio has been really hot and humid, so really happy we had swimming pool in the hotel. Now we’re heading to the Caribbean coast,  let’s see if it’s so hot there.


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