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On the road: carnival parade in Puerto de la Cruz

Es un hecho: no somos de vuelta y vuelta en os playa. Ayer íbamos a tener un día de relax y acabamos yendo al otro lado de la isla a ver el corso de Puerto de la Cruz. ¿como íbamos a venir a Tenerife y perdernos los carnavales?

We aren’t “beach potatoes” for sure! Yesterday we wanted to take it easy and ended up during driving to the other side of the island, why? Because there was a carnival parade. You might know that the carnival parades of Tenerife are the second most popular and spectacular. The most popular is Rio de Janeiro’s parade, then Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Well, the parade of Santa Cruz was last weekend and the upcoming weeks there’s a parade in each town.

La verdad que hacer fotos mientras llevas al enano en la manduca está complicado, pero aquí están.

The most interesting part are the dresses of the queens, which weight quite a lot of kilos. Here some pictures from my camera (it’s not easy to take good pictures when you’re carrying a baby).





  • shere

    That’s a good question. Most of them are well fixed but I also saw someone asking for glue because a part of it was broken. They don’t just walk, they dance the whole time.

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