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November summary: sleeping in a straw igloo, Pietendorp & a broken arm

Every month we share an overview of what we have done and our travel plans for the upcoming month(s). November is a month with a lot of birthdays. Liam and I are born on the 6th, but also my sister, mother in law, father, nephew, a couple of friends and a couple of our friend’s children are born in November. That means a lot of birthday parties! But besides all the parties, we spent a weekend in Groningen, where we slept in a straw igloo. We also visited Pietendorp, where I broke my right arm. This is the reason to keep this summary short and publish it later.

Sleeping in a straw igloo

The weekend after our holiday, he explored the province of Groningen. We first stopped in Leeuwarden to see Sinterklaas arriving in The Netherlands and afterwards, we went to visit DoeZoo in Lens. We were just in time for the guided tour and we were able to hold a tarantula (!!), a piton and other animals. Liam wasn’t afraid at all, not even when the tarantula walked up his arm!!

We then went to Hayema Heerd. Where we slept in one straw igloo. This is the most special place we have ever slept!! I mean, you can sleep in an igloo in very few places, but you can count with a couple of fingers the places where you can sleep in a straw igloo.

In beforehand, I was worried about being already so cold outside. Would it be warm inside? Can you sleep well in a straw bed? Well, now I can say that we slept really well and we had a small heater in the igloo (within few minutes it was warm). I was really surprised with the fact that the straw bed is quite warm. As soon as you lay down, it feels warm. While back at home, I feel cold and It takes some time to warm up. I’m just thinking that I might need to buy some straw and use it at home.

In the morning, we had a picknick basket filled with fresh bread, croissants, fruit, cheese, meat, juice, all kind of jams, coffee and thee for breakfast. The perfect way to start the day!

We had breakfast inside the igloo, as outside it was raining from time to time.

After breakfast we went to see the seals at the zeehondencentrum in Pieterburen and later we enjoyed some scones at the theefabriek. It was a perfect weekend!! The only thing I missed was my camera. My 350D doesn’t want to read the memory card, so I need to buy a new one. All the pictures above are taken from our mobiles.


November is also the month of the arrival of Sinterklaas. We went to Enkhuizen to the Pietendorp, the village of the Sinterklaas’ helpers. The kids had a lot of fun! I had to leave after a couple of hours to go to the hospital. There I had x-rays and it was clear that I had broken my upper arm. Luckily, Liam could stay at Pietendorp with a friend and her children and enjoyed a lot. Thanks Femke!! You can see more pictures here: pietendorp

A broken arm

This week, I’ve been again to the surgeon. He had to assess if I need surgery or not. The breakage is in the upper part of my right humerus and, luckily, the broken part hasn’t moved from its place. If it continues in this way, I won’t need surgery. Yuhu!!!! He also said surgery for this type of breakage is very complicated. Basically, the breakage is so close to the shoulder that the pins/metals would interfere the movement of the shoulder. Therefore, two operations are needed: one to put the pins in, and one to remove them 🙁 Anyway, in the upcoming two weeks I shouldn’t move the arm, I can only let it “hang” from time to time.

Tavel plans for December

Recovering from my broken arm is the first priority. So I’m doubting whether I should/can attend a whole week training in Eindhoven next week and if I should/will be able to fly alone with the kids to Madrid in 2 weeks.

Where did you go in November? What are your plans for December?


  • Jill

    Sleeping in an igloo sounds like a cool experience. The broken arm – not so much. Hoping for a fast recovery to you!

  • Anda

    To be honest with you, I don’t think I would enjoy sleeping in an igloo, but for your kids I’m sure this was a great experience. So sorry to hear about your broken arm. Not the best time of the year to have this problem. Hope you’ll get better soon. #TheWeeklyPostcard

    • shere

      It was really bad timing! I had to fly alone with the kids and the broken arm to expend Xmas in Madrid. Not so easy, but we managed it.

  • Mary

    So interesting! I had no idea straw igloos existed in the Netherlands. It looks like you had a lot fun (up until the broken bone of course).

  • Agness of a Tuk Tuk

    Sleeping in a straw igloo seems like an awesome experience, Shere. So sorry to hear about your arm, hope it heals soon.

  • Rob+Ann @TravelLatte(.net)

    I have to say, we’ve never heard of a straw igloo either. But it kind of makes sense – straw is a good insulator, and if you don’t have snow and ice, use what you’ve got, right? Sorry to hear about the arm. That’s got to make traveling hard enough, but with kids? Hope you heal quick! 🙂 Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard and #WeekendWanderlust.

  • Sonya Gleichner

    This place like a army tanning places and the camp is also. I would enjoy sleeping in an igloo. 3 time I do that. But a big problem is when I was sleeping is an igloo then I thought I am in dangerous. But that is very Interesting.

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