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K is for night safari in Kruger Park

One of the best experiences, I have ever had, was the night safari in Kruger Park. During the day you can freely drive through the park. But as long as the sun is gone, you are only allowed to leave the camp in an organized safari.

Sunset in Kruger Park

And I would say it’s better so. We don’t see the dangers of being surrounded by wild animals. In our safari we were lucky to found two lionesses that just had  hunted a giraffe.

Krüger Park
Kruger Park

I need to warn you that the following pictures could not be for everyone (not for some one having lunch or breakfast).  I will start with one that it’s not that bad but it will give you an idea of what it’s coming.

Krüger Park - dinner time
Kruger Park – dinner time

We just got there in time to see the beginning of the dinner.

Krüger Park
Kruger Park

I was relief that they have a big animal to eat, because these pictures are not taken from a bus or from behind a fence.


They are taken from an open car (no windows at all) and at some point I was scared because I was in the side of the lionesses. There was nothing that could stop a lioness from jumping into the car. i know it’s not something it would happen often, but if it’s happen?!! We weren’t in a zoo!!

Krüger Park
Kruger Park

If you wonder how close we were, here is a picture where you can appreciate it a bit. I can assure you that we could hear the chewing of the lionesses. Scary!

Krüger Park
Kruger Park

Have you been on a safari?


  • Kellie Netherwood

    Wow! What an amazing experience and brilliant photos! I enjoyed some day safaris in Krugar and saw two elephants shagging, which I thought was quite the experience..but it doesn't compare to yours!

  • DL Hammons

    I’m a member of the A-Z team just checking in. Glad to see that everything is going smoothly for you during the Challenge! 🙂

  • Rhonda @Laugh Quotes

    Wow, first off, the photos are amazing. Secondly, didn’t your guide have a gun, just in case. Either way, frightening, but really cool at the same time.

    Thanks for checking out my AtoZ.

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