What will be our next destination in 2015?

What will be our next destination in 2015? Well, we don’t have one destination but twelve!! We are taking the #take12trips challenge and go somewhere each month. The challenge doesn’t mean that we will be going for long holidays each time nor far away. We’ll be doing a lot of weekend trips and some longer ones.

what will be our next destination in 2015?

We already have three trips in our agenda: Madrid, Scandinavia and Lac d’Annecy. We just have been to Madrid for Xmas, but we are going again at the end of the month as we’ve been invited to FITUR as travel bloggers. A good opportunity to networking with other Spanish travel bloggers and get some travel inspiration. In March we are taking our #Icanflysas prize and we we’ll visit Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo. The price was for two persons, but the flysas didn’t have any inconvenient in adding our little one. I’m really looking forward to this trip and specially to visit Oslo for the first time. Then in August, we will be partying at a friends’ wedding next to the Lac d’Annecy. icanflysas competition winner With so many trips ahead, we are also looking for travel gadgets to make our travels easier. Last year we bought a mountain nano buggy (review is coming), a buggy that folds into hand luggage and can be taken on board so you don’t have the hassle of checking in your buggy and then waiting for it. So the baby is set up, but this mom needs a new suitcase for the hand luggage, one that can carry all our staff: from camera, tablet and cloths to diapers (i’m always carrying Liam’s and my stuff as Paul is unable to pack light), one that looks great and with awesome features. Well, I already fall in love with one: the princess power box that the verkeersbureaus is giving away. Why? because it would be great to have my own power bank with me while travelling so I don’t have to worry about running off battery (nor sitting in a corner at the airport in order to charge something). I always have a lot of electronic gadgets with me that I love to use and their batteries don’t last more than one or two days. princess-traveller-power-koffer When I flew to Madrid, I was put aside at the security control for “having too many devices”. Too many?? I had two tablets, three mobiles (one from work, one for the Dutch sim card and one for the Spanish sim card), my DSLR, a compact video camera, laptop and chargers/cables for them.

hand luggage
my hand luggage after it was “organized” by Schiphol’s security control :'(

As you see, we just started the year and we already have some great plans, but as we need extra travel inspiration, we are also visiting vakantiebeurs next week. We will join the other trade visitors and bloggers on Wednesday and we will let you know what has inspired us at most.

What are your travel plans for 2015?


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