March summary: Efteling, birthdays and new travel plans

Another month passed, again so quick that I’m still feeling like it was January 😛 So here it’s our march summary and our new travel plans.

March summary

March and November are the months with the most of our birthdays. This month we had 5 times cake!! It’s “leuk” to celebrate birthdays but on the other hand, you cannot plan anything else for the day. Stil we managed to spend a weekend at the Efteling with friends. It’s already a tradition, we spent a weekend together somewhere in The Nederlands. We like to go each time to a different place and when I saw there was an offer for a weekend in the Efteling, I asked them. The answers came right away “book it!”. I heard so many good things about the Efteling that I wanted to visit it. For us, it’s almost 2,5 hours driving and in order to get the most of a day ticket (entrance costs 35,5€-37,5€ ), we would have to wake up very early and to come back home late. Not always the best idea with a toddler and a baby. That was the reason to book a stay in the Efteling, it was 236€ for each family including tickets for 3 days to the park. A good deal!! But the most important thing, the little ones enjoyed it a lot. In a couple of years, it will be even more fun for them as they will be able to ride in all the attractions 🙂

The good thing of the Efteling is that they have all fairytales in four languages, so also nice for non-Dutch children.

Most popular picture in Instagram 

I also like to feature the most popular picture of the month on Instagram. This month was the lighthouse in Cape Reinga, New Zealand. I took this picture four years ago during our honeymoon. It isn’t the most touristy place and it’s often not included in the most popular tours, but from everyone that has been there, I also heard that they loved it as much as we did. So if you plan a trip to New Zealand, add it to your route 🙂

Travel plans 

I have made some bookings and I’ll fly again alone with the kids. We’re spending two weeks in Madrid. Well, it isn’t holidays as I will be working “from home”, but we’ll try to go somewhere during Eastern. I don’t know if it will be near Madrid or something further like Dinopolis (a dinosaurs park). Let’s see. I’m still busy preparing our summer trip to Slovenia and also another long weekend in May as we want to test the caravan. Ok, before leaving to Madrid, we’ll sleep in our “new” caravan”, but just for one night. The night before flying to Madrid to be exact. We are going to a housewarming party in Noord Holland (half way between ur house and the airport), so we asked our friends if we could use their backyard as a camping 🙂

Further, we have booked another weekend with friends at Noord Holland’s coast for autumn. And I’m also looking for tickets to Madrid as I cannot wait until Xmas to meet my new nephew or niece!!

March wasn’t a bad month at all and we are really looking forward to a sunny April 🙂 What was the highlight of March for you? Any travel plans for April?

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  • Rhonda Albom

    The amusement park in Efteling looks like a lot of fun for the littlies. Cape Reinga is not very touristy because it is far away from everything. The top of the North Island of New Zealand is not as developed as anything south of Whanganui. I lived in New Zealand for at least 10 years before I went to see Cape Reinga.

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