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Liam’s birth

Liam is already 12 days old and I wanted to share how his birth was. As you might know, he was due 4th December, but my blood pressure kept on raising and the doctors decided to induce his birth at 36 weeks. Since I was admitted in hospital in week 34, I had to go twice a week for blood pressure and urine control. On 5th November I went for one of those checks and the doctor told me I have to be admitted (again) to check if I have preeclampsia. At that point, I knew I’ll only leave the hospital carrying Liam in my arms.

Ya hace 12 días que Liam nació y quería contaros cómo fue su nacimiento. Ya sabéis que salía de cuentas el 4 de diciembre, pero no había manera de controlar mi tensión arterial y decidieron que era mejor provocarme el parto con 36 semanas. Despues de que me hospitalizaron en la semana 34, he estado yendo dos veces a la semana a que me controlen la presión arterial y la orina. El 5 de noviembre fui a uno de esos controles y el ginecólogo me dijo que tenía que volver a ingresar para comprobar si tenía preeclampsia. En ese momento ya sabía que sólo saldría del hospital llevando Liam en mis brazos.

Our fist picture toguether
Our fist picture toguether

The labour induction started in the evening, after my blood pressure was stabilized with iv medicines. I only had 1cm, so first thing was to get to 3 in order to be able to break my water. I had contractions but they stopped once I reached the 3cm. The next morning they broke my waters and put oxytocin. At midday there was no much progress and the contractions were too painful. was not allowed to get out of bed and I found quite difficult to cope with the pain. I asked (and got) the epidural and within two or three ours I had 7cm! Well, 45 min later I already have 9cm, so they stopped the epidural and I had to wait for another 45 min to start pushing. Those 45 min were long, you feel you want to push but you are not allowed to do so… at a point my belly started pushing/moving itself and then I could start pushing. But not for long, after 20 min we were able to see the head (I asked for a mirror to be able to see it), however the pulse of Liam was dropping. In no time the gynecologist was there and they used a vacuum pomp to get Liam out. I only remember that I pushed once more, the head came out and they immediately cut the umbilical cordon (it was around his neck), then the rest of the body was born. He was a few seconds on my belly before they took him for examination. After some time, I could hold Liam for few minutes and take a couple of pictures and then he had to go on the incubator.



Liam was born at 16:21, but as I was with iv medication for the blood pressure I was not allowed to go to the children care until 22:00 (I couldn’t walk, so they have to bring my bed to him). Then I was able to properly hold him. He stayed in the incubator for two days, one day for monitoring and one day to adjust the temperature.


I was feeling that we were only able to hold him while feeding him. The nurses asked me to put him back in the incubator as soon as he had drank his bottle. For the rest of the time, we could watch him via internet. We were very happy that Liam didn’t have so much trouble after the birth. He didn’t need help to breathe or to eat and that’s why he only spent two days in the incubator. On the third day, he was in my room and on the fifth we were able to go home. The nurses told me that also part of that success was because of me. I was so independent and able to take care of him so well that the pediatrician didn’t have any doubt we would do well at home 

liam couveuse

And we are doing so well at home!! Let’s say, after such a hard start, things can only get better 😉

By the way, I’m having some issues with the blog, I hope I can solve them in one of Liam’s nap 😛


  • Auré Lie

    Hi Shere and Paul, almost cried reading all this !!!
    It must have been really hard for you guys and I am very happy to see that everything is fine now for the 3 of you. I am sending you lots of love and once more congratulation and have a greatv Christmas as a familiy! Aurélie from Düsseldorf

  • Rhonda Albom

    Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your difficult story. Glad you are both ok and home now. He is beautiful.

  • azucena

    lo que mas siento en este tiempo es no haber estado contigo en ese momento tan importante y duro a la vez.toda mi vida imagine como seria pero ya ves no pudo ser.mi corazon estara siempre contigo este donde este.disfruta de tu niño que es lo mas bonito que tiene la vida.

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