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July summary: Slovenia, YogaCamp and next year holidays

Every month we share an overview of what we have done and our travel plans for the upcoming month(s).

July Summary

As I wrote our June’s summary the second week of July, it feels like July was a very short month. We spent the first week of the month coming back from Slovenia. We first spent three nights in the Putterersee camping, Austria. We were looking for a camping close to a lake or a river, not so far from our route to Germany. This camping was perfect and there were a lot of activities and hiking options around it. We hiked Wörschachklamm and visited the Wolkenstein Castle ruins.

On our way to Nürnberg, we stopped at the Waldwipfelweg. You can read all of our recommendations for stops along the way here. We spent the last two days of the journey in Nürnberg, where we also visited Playmobil Funpark. A great place for the little ones.


From Nürnberg, I flew to Madrid with the kids as I had to go to the dentist. We flew with Ryanair and it was a nightmare! We boarded the flight and had to wait inside the plane more than 2 hours. In the whole time, no one came to offer water or food. Once we were on the air, almost all food was sold out. Luckily, my mother brought us some “tortilla” to the airport.


We only spent a few days in Madrid. But after a month away from home, we feel like taking it easy the rest of the month. We had a “let’s do nothing weekend” once we were back home. And the weekend afterwards, we just went to Aquazoo. Even though we have a year card, we don’t go so often. It’s a nice zoo, the kids love to feed the lemurs and to go on the seal safari. But at the end, it’s not so close (almost 40 min drive) and we also like to try new things.


The last weekend of the month, we packed the caravan and went for a weekend to the YogaCamp organised in the camping de lemeler esch. Have you already seen some of the pictures on facebook? We were totally spoiled for a weekend. I will write a review on Friday, but here is an advance

During the weekend, I joined three critical alignment yoga lessons with Irene from Yoga Ommen. After almost 6 years practising yoga, this was the first time I tried critical alignment yoga, which uses the basis from hata yoga and focus on releasing the stress in the muscles and bringing back the alignment in the body. It’s a very relaxed form of yoga, but at the same time intense. Just after the first lesson, I could feel the difference in my back.

I have to admit that I came back home with aching muscles in my tummy and legs, but with a pain-free back. This was also the result of the message from Masashi. Elly has a tent where you can book massages during the YogaCamp. While the kids were taking a nap, resting from a morning playing in the camping, I had a half an hour back massage and half an hour Japanese head massage. It was so relaxing that I fell asleep 🙂

As we were really feeling like relaxing, we had breakfast and dinner at holy basil. All food was fresh, self-cooked and vegetarian ayurvedic, as well as surprisingly tasty. Our favourite dishes were the vegetarian burger, the carrot soup and the banana ice-cream. I got the recipe for the (sugar-free) ice-cream and I’m going to try it at home. I’ll let you know if it turns as tasty as the one from holy basil.

The only thing we didn’t try in the camping de lemeler esch was the heated outdoor swimming pool. We had quite some rain showers, so the kids opted for the indoor activities. All in all, we loved our weekend at the YogaCamp and we would recommend it. We are thinking of joining next year 🙂

Upcoming trips

Well, talking about next year. We just booked the cruise that we won! As we don’t have so many holidays left this year, we are taking the cruise in June 2018. This is the first time that we book something with so much time in advance. On one hand, it feels weird, but on the other hand, we can already look forward to it and research the different ports: Venice, Brindisi, Katakolon, Santorini, Piraeus, Corfù and Kotor. If you have any tips for any of them, please let me know.

This is all for us, but what about you? Have you already been on holidays? If not, where are you going?


  • Rhonda Albom

    What a lovely trip. The yoga looks very relaxing (as well as the massage). Having a lemur crawl on me might stress me out though.

    • Shere

      Don’t worry, the lemurs only crawl on you if you have food and they are hungry. We were almost the first there, so they were hungry. If you come in the evening, they are on the trees 🙂
      These lemurs are friendly and used to eat from the visitors

  • Sylvia

    Wauw! Love the pictures makes me wanna go there too I really really need a good im a little bit jealous

    • shere

      The massage was really good. The YogaCamp lasts two more weeks, so you still have time to join and get a massage 🙂

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