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Our itinerary for our Jucy glampervan USA roadtrip

We just started counting down, next week we will be flying to San Francisco.

jucy USA

This time we are not so well prepared, as you see above, we haven’t booked the accomodation. Well, we’ll have a campervan, so finding a camping is easier (and cheaper) than a hotel.  The itinerary is also not complete but it seems like the one below: 2.400km 21 days. Is it too much?

USA roadtrip itinerary
USA roadtrip itinerary

Do you have any tips for us? Is there something we should change in the planing?

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  • Rhonda Albom

    Perfect. Hubby and I will have a look at this over the weekend and send our thoughts. I think I have driven nearly all of it at one point. (I lived in San Francisco with a holiday home in Lake Tahoe, cousin lives in LA, Dad lives in Phoenix.

    • shere

      Thank you Rhonda!!! We really appreciate it 🙂 I didn’t llok for scenic routes yet, I was first planning the itinerary based in the distance between places, so we don’t need to drive to much in a day. Any idea, place or detour is welcome!!

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