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January summary and travel dilemma: help us decide where to go!!

January is in term of traveling a quiet month for us. Normally, it’s high season at Paul’s work and we’re just back from Xmas holidays. Nevertheless, we have visited both travel fairs, reisbeurs in Utrecht and FITUR in Madrid. Yes, our first trip of the year was to Madrid. Well, it was the kids and I. Paul stayed in The Netherlands. And so I’m becoming an expert about flying alone with a baby and a toddler. By the way, the most popular picture of January was the one I took from the airplane on our way back to The Netherlands.

I have to say, I enjoyed FITUR much more than the Reisbeurs. Probably because I was able to go on a day that there weren’t so many people. But also because there was a great presentation about Slovenia, the #TBMEslovenia, and because I finally was able to meet Suzanne from menudos viajeros in person as well as other travel bloggers.

Last weekend we visited FITUR and we have gathered up some travel inspiration 🙂 But still we haven't booked our holidays, have you? Where are you going?

Gepostet von Shere y paul am Freitag, 27. Januar 2017

So after two different travel fairs and so much inspiration, what will be our travel destination this year? Well, we don’t know yet!! We are doubting about two destinations and probably you have already guessed one: Slovenia!!


What makes Slovenia so special? It’s a small country (20.000 km² & 2Mio inhabitants), but it has a lot of nature. Almost 60% of its territory is covered by forest. In fact, it was declared world’s first green country las year!! And in addition, it has the largest population of grizzly bears of Europe. Add 46,6km of coast, nice people and a great gastronomy and you have the perfect holiday destination.

Lake Bled

But what is our second option? The second one is further away, but it has some similarities with Slovenia. It has a lot of National Parks, gorgeous nature, and particular animals like bisons and grizzly bears. Can you guess it? Well, it’s West-Canada.

West Canada

In particular, British Columbia and Alberta. Have a look at the Instagram account of Travel Alberta and you’ll discover the beauty of this region. Especially, the National Parks Banff and Jasper offers a lot of hiking opportunities and magical places. Last year, Marcella traveled around West Canada and her blog posts  shows the beauty of this region. So visit her blog to get some more travel inspiration about West Canada.

West Canada can be reached from Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton. All three have direct flights from Amsterdam (something we take into consideration when flying with the little ones). From the three, the most appealing city at the moment is Edmonton. In the summer, it hosts a lot of festivals, which you can attend for free. In the autumn, you can admire the changing colours of the trees and, with some luck, an Indian Summer.

January summary and travel dilemma: Edmonton

What we have clear is the way we want to travel! If we look back at our travels, we have been travelling with campers and motorhomes since 2012: Australia in a camper in 2012, New Zealand in a camper in 2013, Southwest USA in a jucy camper in 2014 and Norway in a motorhome in 2016. We enjoy the freedom of sleeping and cooking in our own vehicle. For the kids, it’s also fine that they have the same bed the whole time. Therefore, this year we will for sure rent a motorhome or a caravan!

January summary and travel dilemma: we will rent a motorhome

No matter the destination, we need to decide quickly as the availability of motorhomes is already low. Just tell me, have you already decided where you will go this summer? Where do you think we should go, Slovenia or West Canada?


  • Michal

    Beide landen lijken me prachtig, maar ik zou dan toch denken: Slovenie kan altijd nog (want dichtbij). Dus als er verder geen belemmeringen zijn zou ik zeggen: Canada.

    • shere

      Ik ben voor Canada, Paul voor Slovenie. Mijn gedachte was dat Mika dit jaar nog “gratis” vliegt. Als je over een paar jaar doet, ben je dan al 600€ duurder 😛

  • Rhonda Albom

    The best time of the year in New Zealand is summer (which is now). The advantage of living in the southern hemisphere is I can go north in summer (and get out of the cold). I would go to Slovenia. I’ve been to Canada (not Banff) and while it is beautiful, Slovenia is different for me.

    • shere

      I have been to Canada too, but only in Toronto and in winter 🙁 at the moment Slovenia is gaining points as the flights and campers in Canada are quite expensive

  • Anna

    I love both ideas – Slovenia and West Canada! But if I am to choose one- I´d go with Slovenia… It´s one of my travel bucket list places and it´s only 3h flight from my home… Both places have an amazing nature though!

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