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Bucket list: sleep in a haunted castle in Scotland

Hace tres años estuvimos en Escocia y uno de las actividades de nuestro bucket list fue  dormir en un castillo. Optamos por la opción económica y dormimos en Carbisdale Castle, que era un albergue juvenil.Three years ago we visited Scotland and one of our bucket list item was to sleep in a castle. We went for the budget option and slept in Carbisdale Castle, which was a youth hostel. 

Carbisdale Castle
Carbisdale Castle

Pero además era un castillo con fantasmas. Por lo menos eso dicen. Expertos paranormales lo han investigado con diferentes resultados. Las apariciones incluyen una dama de blanco, los soldados caídos en la batalla de Carbisdale (1650) y los sonidos de un gaitero.

So a castle, but Carbisdale is also a haunted castle!! The castle is said to have several ghosts. Paranormal experts have investigated with varying results. The appearances include a lady in white, fallen soldiers of the Battle of Carbisdale (1650) and the sounds of a piper. 

Carbisdale Castle
Carbisdale Castle

Tengo que admitir que ir al baño en medio de la noche (ninguna de las habitaciones tenía baño) era un poco espeluznante. Los pasillos y las escaleras eran de madera y crujían a cada paso.

I have to admit that walking to the toilet in the middle of the night (none of the rooms had a toilet) was a little bit creepy. The halls and stairs are from wood, so there’s  a lot of sounds while you are walking.

Carbisdale Castle
Carbisdale Castle

Acabo de ver que cerraron el castillo por reformas, pero nunca lo volvieron a abrir. Cuando nosotros estuvimos allí la verdad es que había un montón de cosas rotas y muchas luces no funcionaban (estaba bastante deteriorado). Es una pena que la renovación sea demasiado cara, porque estoy segura de si estuviese bien cuidado a la  gente no le importaría pagar un poco más. ¿Qué os parece? ¿Conocíais el castillo? ¿Habéis dormido alguna vez en un castillo o en una casa con fantasmas?

I just saw today that the castle closed for renovation but never reopened. At the time we were there, there was a lot of things broken and lights not working.  It just a pity the renovation is too expensive because I’m sure if it would be well maintained people would be willing to pay a bit more. What do you think? Did you know about the castle? Have you ever slept in a castle or in a haunted house? 


  • Emma

    Acabo de descubrir tu blog. Me encanta las imágenes que muestras.
    No he dormido nunca en un castillo , pero debe ser muy emocionante

    • shere

      Emma, gracias por tu comentario. La verdad es que me encanta hacer fotos y la mejor manera que tengo de “ordenarlas” es escribiendo en el blog 🙂


  • Marta - LittleMars

    Menuda experiencia dormir en un castillo!! Lo de que sea encantado va en el pack de cualquier lugar turístico de Escocia, jaja.
    Un beso!

    • shere

      Si, la verdad es que Escocia con su monstruo del Lago Ness y los castillos con fantasmas atrae a muchos turístas, pero yo una vez que ví los paisajes, me enamoré! 😉

  • Paula Davis

    I slept in the Sarah Black room at Farnsworth House, a haunted Bed and Breakfast in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. I was with my former husband. We were on a mini-vacation. We got up on a Sunday morning in Arlington, Virginia. DJ purchased a copy of a very fat Washington newspaper. We loaded up and went to Gettysburg and toured the famous Civil War battlefield and did a few other tourist type things.
    I had chosen the Sarah Black room because I had seen a television program about the ten most haunted bed and breakfast establishments in the United States and knowing we would be in the area, I ” went for it.” In fact, I arranged the entire vacation around it.
    The Sarah Black room is reportedly haunted by a woman who was a kind of housekeeper and a small boy who would move small toys around in the room. Above the room was an attic that was said to be haunted by two soldiers of the famous conflict. We were warned that we might hear them going up the stairs or talking above us in the attic.
    On the evening of our stay, my husband had laid the thick newspaper at the foot of the bed, nicely folded, almost like it had not been read at all, but it had been read in part. I got into bed and when I swung my feet up and adjusted the covers, the paper fell on the floor at the foot of the bed. My husband said not to concern myself, and that he would retrieve it in the morning. He came to bed and we readily fell asleep in the comfortable canopied double bed.
    About five in the morning, I woke up with the need to go to the bathroom. The ensuite bathroom was just a few steps from my bed, no more than fifteen or so. I went in and came out again in what could have been no more than two minutes. I sat on the bed, in preparation to swing myself up into it. But I had sat on newspaper. I was shocked. I stood up, turned on the light and woke my husband who did seem to be asleep as I had to call to him three or four times before he rolled over and answered me. I asked him if he had put the newspaper up on my side of the bed. He swore he had not. I hardly see how he could have put the paper back together without it making any crinkling sounds and gotten it so perfectly place in the short amount of time that I was gone. He swore he did not do it, and when recently asked about it, years after our divorce, he still maintains that stance.
    We went back to sleep. After waking up around eight o’clock we went down to the dining room where several other patrons were also gathered for breakfast A woman from the management team entered the room and asked those of us assembled if we had experienced any “visits” by the resident spirits. On that occasion, we were the only guests who had a story to tell.
    It was not a frightening experience. If I ever go back there, I will make a mess for this housekeeper to straighten up.

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