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Harlinger Parkontbijt or breakfast in the park

After 4 years, it’s now a tradition for us to be part of the Harlinger Parkontbijt (Harlingen’s park breakfast). This year it was the 6th edition (we have missed a couple) and the day wouldn’t have been chosen better.

Harlinger Parkontbijt
Harlingen’s park breakfast

Well, the original date was in June, but as it was forecast not such a great weather, it was postponed to 4th of July.

Harlinger Parkontbijt
Harlingen’s park breakfast

What I love about this event is that it’s for everyone, it’s easygoing and offers a lot of fun for the little ones. For example: they can do braids with ribbons, such a simple but entertaining activity,

Harlinger Parkontbijt 6
Kids playing

or jump in a bouncy,

Harlinger Parkontbijt 5
Bouncy of In4More

or help making a piece of art, which was later auctioned.

Harlinger Parkontbijt 7

and of course enjoy a healthy and tasty breakfast.

Having breakfast
Having breakfast

As the Harlinger Parkontbijt is sponsored by different companies and also organized as a nonprofit event by restaurant ONS, restaurant Stoof, eetcafe nooitgedagt and BENG Evenementen,  the participation fee is as cheap as 3€!!

Harlinger Parkontbijt 3

This year, as well as the past ones, the affluence of people was huge, so there were also people using the picnic clothes while enjoying the breakfast.

Harlinger Parkontbijt 2

Next year we will be for sure taking part again, will you?


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