Happy anniversary to us!!

It seems like yesterday, but it┬┤s already 5 years that we got married in Spain!! And 5 years that we have this blog! If you didn’t know, my friends created the blog and gave us as a present for our wedding. In the beginning, I was using it for updating family and friends about our trips. Later I started also our facebook page and also aimed to get more readers. In these 5 years, we have visited many countries, but also got 2 beautiful boys ­čÖé It’s not possible to summarize every single trip, but here is a bit of what happened in the past 5 years.

As we lived in The Netherlands, we chose Madrid (where I come from) to celebrate our wedding. We picked a little church in Guadarrama (village outside Madrid), rented a convertible mini cooper and invited family and friends to stay in a rural (group) house with us.

For the “Dutch touch”, we asked everyone to wear something orange and so we did too. The funniest part of the┬áday was taking pictures in El Escorial with our “orange wedding shoes” ­čÖé We were the attraction of the day and we had to pose with many people for their foto’s. I even had to hold a baby (the mother said it will bring her good luck).

You might have seen the┬ápicture below before, as it was the header of the blog for a while. It was also the picture that gave us a free week campervan in New Zealand ­čÖé

Yes, New Zealand was our honeymoon destination!! Getting married was the perfect excuse to take a month off from work and enjoy the other side of the world.

We really felt in love with this country and I really want to come back again. 

From New Zealand, we brought a stowaway ­čśŤ

With just three months, we took him to Tenerife and we began our trips as a family.

Bodegas Monje – enjoying the sun in the terrace

As Liam did really well in the airplane, we road tripped Southwest US in a campervan. He was 9 months old and enjoyed being outdoors.

El Valle de la Muerte

We were in the winter also in London as I won flight tickets┬áin a cupcake contest ­čÖé

I also won a SAS contest and we spent almost a week in the capitals of Scandinavia

In 2015, we also took him talso to Costa Rica.

Hike in Rio Celeste

Last year, we completed the family with Mika and decided to take it “easy” and go on a motorhome road trip to Norway when he was 3 months old.

And this year, we bought a caravan and drove all the way to Slovenia!!


Well, these are just a part of all the trips we have made the past 5 years. But I thought it will be interesting to see how we got from travelling as a couple to travelling to a family. So today we celebrate this 5 years full of trips and joy. And we hope the coming five years will be also at least as good as these were.

From the past five years, which trip or moment is the one you remember the most?


PS: stay tunned to our facebook becasue┬ánext week we’ll have a giveaway… You cannot have a celebration without presents, right??


  • Sylvia

    Gefeliciteerd! Nog heel veel meer mooie jaren gevuld met gezondheid, liefde, vriendschap en geluk toegewenst!

  • Ruth

    Oh my! Love this post! I didn’t know you are from Spain, one of my favorite places in the entire world. And, by the way I am a Madrid person (I gag when I here about the other famous city in the country, kidding a bit, of course). You seem to be the luckiest person in the world. You have won so many things! Thanks for taking me through your five years of marriage. I celebrated my 9th anniversary last month and there is no doubt time flies when you are with the person you love. Cheers for many more years of love and travel!

  • Lolo

    Congrats on your anniversary! How awesome that you got married in Spain! I didn’t realize you were from there! #wkendtravelinspiration

  • Rhonda Albom

    Happy anniversary. I love the orange footwear. The gumboots would have done well in New Zealand (did you wear them? ­čÖé

  • Jill

    It’s always fun to look back, isn’t it? I think my most memorable trip of the last 5 years was a trip to Minnesota and Wisconsin which was the last of the 50 states for me to visit. And I love the orange boots – fantastic!

  • eileen g

    i like the orange rain boots. more practical than many wedding shoes! happy future travels to you.

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