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AtoZ of Friesland with kids: gourmet at the poffertjeskraam

The P of AtoZ of Friesland with kids: gourmet at the Poffertjeskraam in Harlingen. From time to time I have friends or family coming from Spain and I like to take them for dinner/lunch to places they would find “Dutch”. Well, in Harlingen the most typical Dutch place to eat is the poffertjeskraam. Last month I had friends from Madrid and we went there to try the “pannenkoeken gourmetten”.

poffertjeskram harlingen 4
Friesland with kids: Gourmet at the poffertjeskraam

“Pannenkoeken gourmetten” is a new concept and basically means you get a bottle with the  pancake dough, plates with different ingredients as cheese, salami and ham and a hot plate in order to prepare your own pancakes!!

poffertjeskram harlingen 3
Friesland with kids: Gourmet at the poffertjeskraam

You can cook six pancakes at a time and the best thing is that the bottle with the dough will be refilled (if you are able to finish it), so a kind of all you can eat.

poffertjeskram harlingen 1
preparing our own pannenkoeken

The fun thing is that children can prepare their own pancakes and you can also order sweet ingredients such as nutella, smarties or jam (not only for kids of course).

poffertjeskram harlingen 5This was the second time we have been there for the gourmet and I really like the concept if you are going to have dinner with children. As the pancakes are small and once the plate is hot you can prepare them quickly.

poffertjeskraam harlingen 2
Friesland with kids: Gourmet at the poffertjeskraam

The price for the gourmet is 12,50€ for the adults and 5€ for the children up to 7 years old.  Besides the gourmet, we love to go for dinner to the poffertjeskraam as they have a play table for children as well as (ikea) high chairs and they don’t mind if the children are walking around 🙂

Enjoy your meal!!

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