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AtoZ of Friesland with kids: Doniastate

The D of AtoZ of Friesland with kids: Doniastate. Doniastate is a much more than a farm for children (in Dutch a “kinderboerderij”). As any other children farm has a lot of animals, some of them are keept behind fences but other ones like the goats walk freely (they have also a fence but you can enter the area of the goats and they are free).

A to Z of Friesland with kids: Doniastate

I guess running after the goats and being able to touch them. Most of the goats seek contact with the children, but of course once they get tired, they run away. In the spring there are also baby goats, which are really cute.

doniastate 5
AtoZ of Friesland with kids: Doniastate

But the whole farm is 6 hectare and it has also playgrounds, a butterfly garden and gnome forest. In the gnome forest, there are games for the children and everything is small, also the entrance, so take take care of your head.

doniastate 3

There’s gnomes houses in the trees with lovely tiny doors and windows as well as many gnomes along the way.

doniastate 2

After walking around, you can have a drink and a snack in the terrace while te children are playing in the sand or riding a tractor. I think I don’t need to mention which part was the favorite of Liam: riding the tractors. There’re two sizes, the small ones to walk and the bigger ones with pedals. Liam took one of the big ones and as he was still to small to pedal, we have to push the tractor along the race track. He was really angry when we wanted to go home and he had to leave the tractor 😉

doniastate tractor

Doniastate is located in Truerderdyk 14, Stiens and is open everyday from 10 to 17. The entry costs 3,5€ (children up to 2 years are free) or 25€ for a year family card (up to 2 adults and 4 children).

doniastate 1
AtoZ of Friesland with kids: Doniastate


  • Jane Helms

    Delightful post, adorable photos! I certainly sympathize with the goats at the end of the day. Thank goodness there is tomorrow so we can all get up and start again.

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