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February summary: a caravan, birthdays and giveaway

February is the month that we got crazy and bought a caravan! But before I tell all about the caravan and our further travel plans, I have a summary of February.

February summary

The most popular picture in Instagram was the one I took 8 years(!) ago in South Africa. From all the pictures I took during our trip, this is one of my favorites. We always try to humanize animals, and when I look at this picture I see a little one running after his mom. They were running to reach a water hole, and probably getting there as fast as they could was the best way to avoid predators. For me, it reflects our daily life. We rush every day to bring the kids to school, to get to work on time and we forget that the time is passing very very fast. That’s why I often take a deep breath and enjoy the moment! (I’m also back to my yoga classes 🙂 )

This month we didn’t travel far away, but we just enjoyed the weekends and the activities that are offered in our region. We visited the Frisian maritime museum in Sneek. This one is so far our favorite museum in Friesland. Why? Because it has an amazing “children museum”. The little ones can learn there about navigation and science in an interactive way, as well as play in a real ship. I’ll write a more extensive post about it.

Probably the best museum for children: the kids museum at the Frisian navigation museum. Don't miss it, if you visit Sneek.

Gepostet von Shere y paul am Sonntag, 5. Februar 2017

We also visited Burmania, a farm close to Leeuwarden. This is one of the things I love about Friesland, it offers a lot of opportunities for the children to be in contact with the “rural world “. Liam enjoyed it a lot. He was feeding the cows and a lamb, riding a tractor and playing.

Last weekend, we enjoyed the first edition of Heerlijk Binnen. A food truck festival inside of one of the port warehouse. There was life music and also a corner for the children.

Heel lekker gegeten bij Heerlijk Binnen 2017! De hoek voor de kinderen (met kiderbios en poppentheater o.a.) is ook goedgekeurd :DMorgen staan ze nog, mis je kans niet 😉

Gepostet von Shere y paul am Samstag, 25. Februar 2017

But we also learned something the hard way. We went to Swimfun, a swimming paradise, on a rainy Sunday. I knew it is very popular, and that’s why we arrived half an hour after opening. To our surprise, it was crowded and all chairs and tables were already taken. Well, we thought it was already crowded, but it got even more crowded!! People kept coming, and, as Mika has to take a nap, we left after a couple of hours. I mean, the setup is very nice, but with so many people is wasn’t so fun.

Our caravan and travel plans

Maybe the part you want to hear about: we bought a caravan. We have spent a lot of time deciding if going to Canada or to Slovenia. I have looked for campers and flights to Canada, but January/February is already too late to book something. Especially this year being the 150 anniversary of the National Parks (entry is free for everyone). After deciding that this summer we’ll going to Slovenia, I opened markplaats (a web where you can sell second-hand things) and had a look at some campers and caravans. I wanted to buy a camper, while Paul is always saying “let’s buy a caravan”. But I wasn’t sure about the caravan. Until I saw one that matched what we wanted and for just 1500€!! I told Paul “let’s buy this one, if we don’t like it, we can resell it”. I called the seller and unfortunately, someone had already called him (the ad was just 30min old!). He told me to call him the next day in order to know if the other person had bought the caravan or not. The other person bought it 🙁 The same morning we saw a new ad, a much bigger caravan (not what I wanted). Paul called the seller and we went to see the caravan the same day. The day after, we made an offer for the caravan and it was accepted. I had seen another caravan, but taking into consideration that second-hand caravans are sold within a day or two, we just decided to buy this one! It’s an old one, but it looks fine. It has bunk beds for the kids, a sitting area that converts into a double bed and another sitting area that can be converted in a single bed. Here is a sneak preview of it 🙂

The caravan will be ours tomorrow, so now we’re planning the first trip with it. And in the summer, we’retaking it to Slovenia. So now we can really start the planning of the trip!

Birthdays and giveaway

Well, the caravan will come like a birthday present for Paul, because today he is turning 19 + taxes 😛 (in The Netherlands taxes are 21%). But also Mika is turning 1 next week!! And as the Dutch tradition says “wie jarig is trakteert!” (the birthday person has to give a treat), we are preparing two giveaways. The first will start tomorrow and the next one the week after. So don’t forget to come back and enter them.


  • Rhonda Albom

    Slovenia in a caravan? Sounds like a wonderful adventure. It certainly sounds large enough for the family.

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