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Cuenca through the eyes of a toddler

Ever wondered what catches the attention of a toddler while travelling? Our toddler loves my camera and during our visit to Cuenca, Spain, I let him take pictures. Enjoy Cuenca through the eyes of a toddler ­čÖé

Cuenca through the eyes of a toddler

We stopped next to┬áone tourist information office, just at the bottom of the city. From there, we went up to cross the bridge. On our way up, he took some pictures, he looked so cute that some Chinese tourist were taking pictures of him too. And I took a picture of the Chinese too ­čśÇ

A toddler taking pictures is a tourist attraction ­čśŤ

Here is the picture he took from here.

We crossed the San Pablo bridge and were walking around the city.

He walked all the way to the ruins of the castle. We took the pedestrian┬ástreet, so stopping to take pictures wasn’t as issue.

Here, he took these two pictures.

Yes, I’m also one of the main subjects in the pictures.

I’m normally behind the camera, but with our toddler using it, I’m one of his main subjects ­čÖé

On the morning of our second day in Cuenca, we drove to the Museo Paleontol├│gico. But it was closed, as it was Monday. However, there’re some dinosaurs in the garden and we were having a look at them.

Cuenca through the eyes of a toddler – Museo Paleontol├│gico

And last, my favourite picture.

Cuenca through the eyes of a toddler – from the ruins of the castle

I think is time to buy him a camera, after seeing how much joy he has taking pictures. The question is should I buy a regular camera or a child camera? I was looking at a child camera, as they probably are more resistant, but I guess the quality of the pictures isn’t great. Do your children have a camera? How old are they and which camera do they have?


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