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Costs for 3 weeks caravan trip in Slovenia with children

How much does it cost a holiday in Slovenia with children? Here our costs for 3 weeks caravan trip in Slovenia with children. In a previous post, I’ve already shared our itinerary for 3 weeks caravan trip in Slovenia with children. In summary, we drove from The Netherlands through Germany and Austria to Slovenia. Around 3000km in total. We bought earlier this year a second-hand caravan and therefore, we didn’t have to pay any rental. In our 3 weeks campervan trip in Norway with children, the rental of the campervan was one of the main costs.

Camping costs

In total, we spent 530€ for 21 nights camping. An average of 25€/night. As our trip was from 17th June to 8th July, we bought an ACSI card and we could use it to get the discounted price for 11 of the 21 nights of our trip. The ACSI card provides a rate between 11€ and 19€ for two adults and two children with electricity and showers outside the high season. The only thing you need to pay on top of it is the tourist tax. In Slovenia, this tax is 0,64€ per night per person. The only camping that had a misleading price was the one in Ljubljana. They add so many things to the 19€, that at the end we paid 27,6€!

Slovenia with kids: playground at Ljubljana Resort camping
Slovenia with kids: playground at Ljubljana Resort camping

The most expensive camping of the whole trip was Camping Passrucker in Austria for 32,8€/night. It was a small camping and well-maintained camping. The showers were new and extremely clean. In addition, they have a swimming pool, a playground and karts for the children. In our opinion, it was a fair price.

Also on the higher range was the Camp Bohinj, but we had such a great spot (just on the shore of the lake) and the kids enjoyed it so much, that we were happy we stayed here.

The view from our caravan at Camp Bohinj
The view from our caravan at Camp Bohinj


We spent 320€ in all the activities we did. Normally, the kids were for free or paid a discounted price as they were 3 and 1 year old. If you have read our Itinerary for 3 weeks caravan trip in Slovenia with children, you already know that we did a lot of things. On our way to Slovenia, we stopped at Eisriesenwelt: the largest ice cave in the world (48€ for 2 adults, kids for free). In Bled, we hiked Vintgar Gorge (13€ for 2 adults and 1 kid), Pokljuka Gorge (free) and Mala Osojnica (free). We rented a boat and row to Bled Island for one hour (10€) and we also took the chair lift at Straža and enjoy tobogganing (6€).

Slovenia with kids - vintgar gorge
Slovenia with kids – Vintgar Gorge

In Bohinj, we bought a package for 58€ (2 adults, kids for free) that included a return trip on the boat on Bohinj Lake, return trip with the cable car to Vogel, a meal at one of the restaurants in Vogel, entrance to Savica Waterfall and to Mostnica Gorge.

Slovenia with kids - Orlove Glave
Slovenia with kids – Orlove Glave, hike from Vogel

We crossed the mountains with the train car. The price for the car, the caravan and 2 adults was 23€. On the other side, we visited Slap Kozjak (free).

car train slovenia
car train slovenia

We also visited Postoina cave (72€ for the cave and the castle, there are many different packages) and Ljubljana’s castle (20€). Probably the visit that we enjoyed the most was taking the cable car and hiking in Velika Planina (30€). The cable car in Maribor was just 12€, but I’m not sure I would take it again. We were hoping for walking paths but we couldn’t find any.

Postojna Cave & Predjama Castle
Postojna Cave & Predjama Castle

On our way back home, we stopped at Waldfilweg (13€) and also at Playmobil FunPark (30€ for 2 adults and 1 kid).


The price of the diesel in Germany was quite cheap, as we were making stops outside the highway and found cheap gas stations (1,049€/l in Lohmar and 1,059€/l in Hilpolstein). Also in Austria, we found gas stations with a price of 1,04€/l. When we see these prices, we fill the tank even if it’s just half of it.

In Slovenia, the price of the diesel was the same in all gas stations. It was around 1,10€/l.


For Slovenia and Austria, you need to buy a vignette. The one month vignette for Slovenia costs 30€ and you can buy it in any gas station before crossing the border or just after it. A 10day vignette for Austria costs around 10€ (I bought 2 vignettes from someone who cancelled his holidays for 12€). Further, there’re some toll stations in the Austrian Highway.

Total costs for 3 weeks caravan trip in Slovenia with children

The total costs for 3 weeks caravan trip in Slovenia with children were around 1.500€. I think it’s a very good price taking into consideration all the activities we did. If you go during the high season (July – Agust), the price of the camping will be a bit higher, but the rest will be the same.

Costs for 3 weeks caravan trip in Slovenia with children
Costs for 3 weeks caravan trip in Slovenia with children

Do you think our costs for 3 weeks caravan trip in Slovenia with children are high or low? Have you been to Slovenia?

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  • Rhonda Albom

    I think your costs are reasonable at about 500€ / week for everything. I was surprised that the camping fees were the largest part of the cost.

    • shere

      The trips before have been much more expensive. The rental of the motorhome for Norway was already 1500 euro. It feels like a “cheap” holiday.

  • Anisa

    I think you did great and you did get to see a lot. And what a beautiful place for camping. I really want to visit Slovenia. Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

  • Anda

    I’d say this is more than reasonable. We usually spend way more than that when we travel, but then we don’t go camping anymore. When we used to do it our trips were cheaper, but I want my comfort now. However, children have so much fun when you go camping, don’t they! #TheWeeklyPostcard

    • shere

      yes, they love camping! for us having a caravan is the extra “comfort”. Going with a tent would be even cheaper (no maintenance costs), but with the two little ones, I’m happy everyone has a real bed 🙂

  • Michelle | michwanderlust

    A caravan trip sounds like so much fun! When you say camping, did you sleep in the caravan or set up tents and all outside it? I met a couple who drove from Chile all the way to Ecuador in a caravan and they saved so much in accommodation costs. I’m not sure it’s as economical for just 2 people though. And mad props to you for travelling with 2 kids for 3 weeks!!

  • Ruth | Tanama Tales

    Wow! That is a great price! I am not sure if I commented it in here but I am hooked on caravaning since I visited Germany earlier this year. I saw all the vehicles along the Rhine and started to dream about renting one and traveling Europe. Thanks for sharing your costs. It gives me a good idea on what such a trip will cost (well my trip will be shorter). #TheWeeklyPostcard

    • shere

      Any country in Europe would be so easy to travel by caravan or camper, there’re so many campings and outside July and August the prices are fine and there’s free spaces everywehere

  • eileen g

    A 3-week European vacation for 1500 Euros sounds fantastic. When we were driving through Italy we were astounded by how much gas, tolls and parking added up to. Far more than activities and dining combined. In the U.S. those costs seem much lower and parking is free a bit more often.

    • shere

      the parking costs are crazy in Europe! A friend of mine paid 30€ for parking one day in Venice. Here you really need to park outside the big cities and take public transport, if you don’t want to expend a fortune

  • Agness of aTukTuk

    Slovenia seems like a great travel destination! Would you consider it as a good destination for a road tip, Shere?

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