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How to find cheap accommodation: Airbnb

The summer holidays are approaching and finding cheap and good accommodation is not always easy. My tip this week for finding cheap accommodation: Airbnb. Airbnb which is a site where particulars offer a bedroom, an apartment, a house or any other kind of place to spend a night. 

Some atypical places to Stay
cheap accommodation airbnb: some atypical places to stay

How it works

Booking a place to stay it’s easy: enter the dates, number of guest and location where you want to stay. You can see the results in a list or in a map. Personally, I love the map option so I can see the distance to the sightseeings of the place. All the payments are done via the website, so no worries that someone is going to cheat you. For me, Airbnb is more like a travelers community (a step further than Couchsurfing). Yes, you stay at someone’s place and you pay for it, but normally you will get a lot of insider tips and help. 

After you stay at someone’s place, you can also leave a review. These reviews are really helpful, they will help you choose the right type of accommodation and host. As a guest, you will be also reviewed by the host. In this way, if you are going to host someone, you can also read previous experiences from other hosts. Well, we started being guests and we liked so much that we even became hosts.

cheap accommodation airbnb

Becoming a host

If you decide to offer a guest room, you don’t need to host everyone that sends a request, you get a message with the request and you can either approve it or decline it. As a host I can give you the tip to tell something about you in the request: who you are, why are you coming, what are your plans… it will give a little bit of confidence to the host to accept your request. In Airbnb, there are two sides: you are going to sleep at someone’s house, but also that someone will allow some “strangers” access to his house 😉

our rating as a host
cheap accommodation airbnb: our rating as a host


Airbnb is fun and offers good value for the money. Staying at locals have some advantages: they give you tips on where to eat and to go, you get the feeling of how they live. As a host, you meet interesting people. Singing up is free. If you sign up via our referral link, you will get 30 euros to use in your first booking. If you need any help, just let me know. 

Did you know about Airbnb? What is your experience with it? Do you think you will use it?

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