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Challenge my trip: 2 weeks family holidays for under 1600€

Today I start a new section in the blog: “challenge my trip!!”. What is it about? You tell me the price of your last holidays or the budget you have for a trip, with or without fixed destination and I will try to make a holiday plan for you. Last week I got the challenge to find a family holiday (2 adults + 2 teenagers) for 2 weeks with the maximum price of 1600€, including transport, accommodation and food. The destination didn’t matter. Do you think I can able to find their next holidays???

challenge my trip

Well, I choose Spain as a destination (as I know the costs of living and a summer destination). But where in Spain, I picked Barcelona and here we go with the costs.  The tickets for four adults would costs around 400€. Less if you only take hand luggage, as with Transavia it can be as little as 345€ for the four!!


Of course I know these are not the only transport costs, we will need to add 25€ for driving to/from Schiphol (given the car consumes 7l/100km, distance is 250km return and the price of diesel is 1,40), 60€ to park twee weeks in Schiphol (price without taking into account offers or groupon vouchers) and 50€ for a taxi from/to Airport in Barcelona.


Next we need a central accommodation in Barcelona, for the search I used Airbnb as is one of my favorite webs for cheap accommodation, you can read the post How to find cheap accommodation (part I): Airbnb and see what I like about it. But back to my search, I looked for an apartment with two bedrooms so the family can have lots of space and also cook one meal a day. Well, I found an amazing penthouse: “Penthouse Sants is a pleasant and comfortable apartment located in a quiet and well connected to Barcelona.
100 meters from the tube, direct line to the most important tourist centers of the city: Plaza Catalunya, Gothic Quarter, Ramblas, Magic Fountains of Montjuic Fira, Spanish Village, Spain … A few Plaza meters is the longest shopping street in Europe (Sants Street) and Central Station, where you can easily access the Prat airport and Reus.
The living room and master bedroom have direct access to large sunny terrace which has garden furniture. Outdoors you can enjoy breakfast under the warm rays of morning sun and dine comfortably under the moonlight.
In the vicinity there are bakeries, supermarkets, fruit shops and all amenities. Popular tapas restaurants and home cooking at affordable prices are on the doorstep.” And the price for two weeks? Just 302€ + 43€ Airbnb fees. Isn’t good?


They will need to eat as well, but if we check until now we have spent 880€, so they still have 720€ for food and entertainment. If they would eat every day lunch outside, it would costs around 336€ (you can find the “menu del día” in Spain for around 6€ and includes two dishes, dessert, bread and drinks). So they could have a nice holiday and activities for the 720€ in Spain 🙂


What do you think of my proposal? Do you dare to challenge me? Send me your challenge and check what I can do 😉


  • Yvonne

    Great new section!! Oh I love AirBNB, it has so many wonderful places to stay for families and it’s spo affordable. I think for a holiday of 2 weeks, flying and apartment this is a very good deal.

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